On the Use of Magik

An excerpt from Me and My Kompanions: The Memoir of a Mercenary

I am often asked about the use of magik. Klearly, it is a powerful tool in the kit of the mercenary kommander but one that requires kaution and kareful konsideration. Magik has many uses. One may learn the strategems and taktiks of the foe. One may heal the wounds that are the inevitable konsequence of battle. One may kall upon monstrous and fiendish servants to do battle or perform important tasks. One may kause the forces of the enemy to sleep, fight amongst themselves or even see you as their ally instead of an enemy. A many splenderd thing is magik, but there are great dangers in its unrestrained use. This is especially so with the partikular skool of magik known as “evokation.”

Evokation is the applikation of magikal force to produce something from nothing. These spells often unleash devastating power, such as the famous fire ball spell. This magik does not diskriminate between friend or foe! Therefore, it behooves you to be wary in its applikation. I shall tell you of a terrible error I witnessed early in my kareer as an adventurer.

My kompanions and I had been engaged by a merchant named Guarek.  Guarek was a merchent based in the city state of Hablok. Guarek dealt in a variety of luxury goods and the rare products found only in the hinterlands and valuable to the wizards of The Covenant. We later learned that Guarek was secretly a shape shifter in service to The Forgotten One whose true identity was later revealed in our aktivities further north. He had sent us to investigate why a vendor had failed to make a predetermined rendezvous to deliver goods. Namely, the goods were spindles of both raw and processed spider silk. Our job was to go to the farm and find out why the farmer had not shown up and if possible to acquire Guarek’s property.

As we arrived at the farm, it was klear that all was not well. Vultures were feeding on korpses in the yard outside one of the buildings. The place looked as if the chores had been neglected for several days. The feed mangers for the normal sort of livestock were empty. Gates and doors left open and all was very quiet on what looked to be a rather large farmstead. After a brief period of searching and looking at tracks, the party determined that goblins were about, rather big goblins. Our recconasance revealed that the goblins were in two buildings. One smaller set of quarters and a larger structure that appeared to be some sort of hall for the farm hands to cook and take their meals. We heard the snoring of the goblins who, hating the light, were fast asleep in the heat of the day.  The building had two doors on either end. Two of my komrades went to one end to prevent egress from it. One kept an eye on the smaller building and the rest began their attempt at a surprise assault on the building’s occupants.

At this point I should also point out a second maxim which we learned in this enkounter. Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how weak you might think him. Though we had seen the sign of goblins, we had not seen actual goblins. We were to learn, to our dismay, that these goblins were not the usual sort. These goblins were bigger, smarter and more capable than the sort that usually come squelching out of the middens of their birth. These had been taken by the vivimancer Zoran and augmented for his foul purposes. Though still stupid and unreliable, they were at least as capable as green human soldiers.

Returning to our story, Rexor the mighty warrior burst through the rear entrance of the dining hall,  and was immediately waylayed and nearly killed by the attacks of three of these bizarre lavender hued goblins. The living farm hands and daughters of the farmer were tied up under guard in the opposite end of the building and Rexor couldn’t reach them to give them assistance. Hearing the commotion of battle inside the hall, Yssdrll the elf foolhardily rushed through the front door of the hall to join the battle as Rexor retreated. Our very clever though sometimes over exicatable Chaos monk Stilgar had loaded a bolt enchanted with the fireball spell onto his crossbow. Not knowing that Yssdrll was in the building and seeing how the mightiest of our warriors had been nearly slain in but a single exchange of blows, Stilgar losed his bolt into the building attempting to keep take out only those goblins on the end of the hall away from the captives. This did not go as well as planned.

The bolt impacted on an overturned table and the force blasted it into flying shards of kindling. Nearly all the goblins were blasted. Their heliotrope hued limbs shattered and sent flaming through the building in a gruesome conflagration of gore. Many of the farm hands also met their fate in the explosion. Most profoundly for our little troupe, was the very improbable event of a pewter tray flying through the air and neatly kutting of Yssdrll’s head off, just above the eyes. For Yssrll, death was a relief from the burden of life. The race of elves are known for their desire to end their insufferably long years. The wisest of the elf sages have learned that life has no meaning and their immortal existence is the cruelest joke the gods ever played. We were kwikly able to dispatch the remaining goblins, free the farmers and a warrior named Pompous Maximus who promptly joined, our band. Alas, poor Pompous was forever scarred by the horrible treatment at the hands of the goblins and had to be coaxed into battle with the vile kreatures ever after.


The judicious use of your magic spells and devices must be taken into kareful konsideration.

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