Virtues of the Good Game Master: Organization

I struggle with this one. I’m putting it down as a virtue as much to remind myself as to recommend it to others.

I think good game masters are organized. They use folders, binders, tabs, dividers and they keep their stuff categorized in a way that they can find it when they need it. You can use electronic devices to do this as well but I personally prefer analog. There is nothing more boring than to watch someone dig for a rule, or a sheet of paper with the bad guy’s stats on it. Have things where you can find them without much digging.

Organization includes…


  • Keeping a calendar and marking the passage of time
  • Making and updating maps
  • Keeping a running tally of monsters slain, treasure and EXP gained
  • Staying on top of geas, curses, diseases or quest spells targeted at the PC’s
  • Having a way to keep track of spell durations


Generally, you need to have tools and methods to maintain your awareness about what is happening in your session and broader campaign and organization makes that more likely.

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