Game Company Marketing Done Right

Most game companies market poorly. Many of the small ones are the worst. In the current environment, everything you do is part of your brand marketing, starting with your product. It is always easier to sell a good product that the designers and editors care about and want people to play.

One thing that drives me crazy is a game company whose media content is nothing but telling you about their product, where you can buy their product, when a new product is coming out, the awards their products have won… always pitching every time you hear from them. The internet has changed everything, including how to productively interact with your customer. This is something you would think a small game company selling PDFs and POD would know but apparently not.

If you want to sell games, particularly in a niche of the RPG niche, you need to deliver value to your audience before you ask for money. If your small company has a blog, 9 out of 10 posts should be essays, articles, a monster write up, a one page dungeon, ideas for how to use the rules, interviews with designers or artists. Post number 10 is, “Hi, I made this, I hope you will pay me for it.” If you’ve delivered enough value in posts 1 through 9 then someone will spend the $60 for an offset printing of your book because they trust you to deliver something worth spending $60 on.

Check out the D&D Beyond Channel on YouTube. Yes, its 5E content throughout but very little of it is, “Go buy this!” There are interviews with Luke Gygax talking about his dad. Interviews with the developer of D&D Beyond, an interview with fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss about worldbuilding, actual play, conversations about how to play different character classes.  Yes, this is all tied back into the products but it is content that is way more valuable than, “Go buy my stuff, here, here and here.”


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