The Next Big Fantasy TV Show?

If you haven’t heard, Game of Thrones is in it’s last season. I don’t keep up with TV, for the most part so there may be something in the fantasy genre that is out or coming soon but most of what I am aware of is in development and a few years away.

There are some fantasy TV shows in the works. Probably the most well known is the show set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Just recently, Amazon announced that it would be set in the second age but other than that, it’s all speculation. No word on casting or much of anything else.

There was a Conan show in development that the producer/director intended to stick closer to Howard’s short stories. Rumor has it this project is dead.

Amazon has ordered a Wheel of Time and they are set to start production toward the end of this year.

One in particular that I’m looking forward to is Glen Cook’s Black Company. It is currently in development. No word on when we might see it. This one, given a proper budget, could be quite spectacular. Ten nigh immortal necromancers on flying carpets dropping heavy duty magic on armies of rebels could be a fantastic battle scene.

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