My Favorite Kind of Combat

Today we had my favorite kind of session.

The party had a fight with a big time baddy today. He was a high level druid with some supporting fighters. He was the most dangerous enemy they’ve faced in the campaign and they needed to bring him back alive. Mostly dead was fine.

And the fight played out like this.

-Fighter/Magic User standing back trying to knock the druid out as quickly as possible but gets rushed by the highest level fighter. Spell casting gets disrupted and has to resort to fighting. Eventually he nearly dies.

-Fighter with crazy demon armor gets surrounded by henchmen who can’t hit him and he rolls like crap round after round and misses them.

-The company mascot, a magically enhanced ox in custom made magic plate armor dwindles the number of bad guys but gets held by the druid.

-The Fighter/MU has a henchman who does some damage but also gets dropped and nearly dies.

-The party monk goes at it with the druid and eventually puts the druid back on his heals.

-The druid summons a fiery chariot, climbs up and attempts to fly away except the monk makes a last moment shot with a heavy crossbow and rolls EXACTLY the damage he needs to drop the druid to EXACTLY zero. The druid rolls poorly on the death and dismemberment table and its over.

The party uses its last few healing potions to bring their wizard back to one hit point, disable the druid, take all his magic goodies and deliver him back to his order. The next day he is sacrificed to the gods after a grand procession and a big bonfire to consume his remains and send him to the afterlife.

It was close very close. There was a point where I thought the party was going to be in real trouble but a few made saves and some key attack rolls saved the party in the end. Now they have to deal with a new druid in the area but things are not likely to be as chaotic as they were.

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