GM Advice: Steal From Everywhere

I use , mechanics, technique, concepts, art, non-player characters from anywhere I can find them. History, screen writing books, other games, TV, people I work with, business podcasts, documentaries... everywhere. GMing well is difficult. Make it easier by stealing good ideas and combining them. This camouflages where they come from and the combo may even …

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Be Open

Approach the game with no preset agendas and you'll probably come away surprised at your overall efforts.  - Phil Jackson While Phil was talking about basketball and not D&D I think the quote applies. When we sit down to write, prepare for, or play a ttrpg with an agenda in mind, we often don't get …

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Effort and Outcome

  The results of your work don't always meet your expectations. And yet, you should keep working. Keep studying. Keep writing. Keep drawing. Do your thing. The gap will always be there. Sometimes you get close but you can't always control the outcome. What you can control, is the effort.