Super Short Game Report…IN SPAAAAAACE!

This week I had the rare treat of getting to play. One of the players in my weekly Swords and Wizardry game is a skilled sculptor. He ran a successful kickstarter for some modular terrain/dungeon tiles inspired by HR Giger’s designs for Alien. Sunday’s game was playing Mothership using his terrain tiles. We recorded the session so when he gets the video posted I’ll put that up here.

  • The party is a group of contractors working for F.S.C. a massive evil corp. FSC has sent an android along to protect corporate assets and make sure we complete the job. FSC wants us to go check on some scientists whose communications stopped while exploring a derelict alien vessel. For the setting, this would be the first time humans contact intelligent alien life.
  • The ship that the scientists had come on is gone. No debris. Nothing but an airlock they had fitted to the alien ship.
  • The captain (me) decides to find a different entry point, which requires a space walk, the ship’s biologist doing some linguistic puzzle solving and finally we get the door open. The crew suits up and enters the ship.
  • We find a scientist who is buried halfway into the floor. We dose him with drugs to try to get him coherent. We cut him out of the floor, which starts healing the hole like a sort of living thing. Bioscan of the the scientist reveals some sort of tumor in his brain. A really big tumor. We take him back to the ship and put him in cryo for the company to “take care of.”
  • We return to the derelict, continue exploring, find another scientist. Bioscan shows this guy has a tumor too. This time, the tumor ruptures, blowing apart the scientist’s head, and out comes some weird fleshy spider. We capture it and tranquilize it. Off it goes to the cryo chamber for more study.
  • Party finds an engine room, fights some sort of slime monster and acquires the key to the rest of the ship.
  • Get through a door that was previously locked, find another scientist but he’s riddled with the tumors. Our space marine (played by our gm’s son, and did a fabulous job playing the muscle) blasts the corpse before the tumors can rupture but some of them manage to erupt into disgusting fleshy spiders, damaging several space suits and being a general nuisance.
  • Party finds and fights another monster that makes things a little worse but the captain’s scrap cutting laser does it in.
  • Entering a massive room, the party messes around with some statues trying to sort out the mysteries of the alien vessel…and awakens a horrible nightmarish beast.
  • The party doctor goes nuts and runs away. The party tries to fight but decides very quickly that running away would be wise.
  • The android turns on the party at the crucial moment, attempting to lock us in the room with the monster so the android (This one’s designation is OSIRIS. You would do well to remember it) can escape with the specimen on our ship. We get through the door anyway.
  • The space marine decides the android has to be deactivated, with deadly force.
  • The party has all but escaped when the party doctor’s, in his insanity, goes running back toward the monster. The captain runs back in to save the doctor.
  • The space marine is running and firing at the android as the chase is on.
  • The captain drags the raving lunatic doctor out of the chamber but is attacked with acid spewed by the space monster. Just as the captain is being melted into her component parts, the doctor snaps out it and makes his escape.
  • The space marine destroys the android just in the nick of time to prevent it from reaching the ship and stranding the party with the space monsters.
  • The party reboards the ship (minus the captain) and escapes.

We had a really great time and enjoyed getting to play with Jason’s fantastic terrain. If you own a 3D printer or have access to one, you might consider picking up the files for the terrain he designed. Great Stuff!

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