Blog Recommendation: Ten Foot Pole

Ostensibly, adventure modules are content for game masters to run games at their tables.

In reality, most adventure modules are read and never actually played by the game masters who buy them. Partly, in my opinion, is because they are written to be sold and  playing them out is a bonus. Just so long as you buy them, it’s fine if you don’t play them. It’s kind of like a gym membership. The business model is that you pay the fee but never actually go to the gym. I’ve mostly stopped buying modules.  When I do, its often because Bryce Lynch has given them the thumbs up.

Here’s a hint for you RPG publishers, if you want my money- read Bryce’s blog and follow his recommendations. I don’t trust very many of you to make adventure modules that are worth buying. If you follow some of his basic, and reasonable criteria for a good adventure, I’ll probably become a devoted and rabid fan. That’s because the bar is so damn low. It wouldn’t take much to top most adventures being published. rant/

I enjoy reading Bryce Lynch’s Ten Foot Pole. Both for the content and the writing style. His descriptions of the modules are thorough and often humorous. He’s unyielding in his criteria for good adventures. When an adventure is good he says so. When its bad, or the content is good but the information is difficult to actually use at the table, he’s tells it like it is.

Most of my readers are probably familiar with Bryce’s blog. It is, by far, the best adventure review site on the web. If you aren’t already reading it, I recommend that you check it out.

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