Death To Yxit: Super Short Game Report #4

This week the Kompanions of Kalador entered into the lair of the dreaded mindflayer, Yxit (whose name they didn’t know and I want to find out if they actually read my blog…so this is a quiz question for next week).

Exercising an abundance of caution the party carefully used their invisible mechanical spiders to scout the lair. They discovered a warm inviting space, complete with comfortable eating couches, sumptuous rugs, a masterfully carved sculpture of a minotaur doing something unspeakable to an elf, the carefully harvested brains of the most succulent species and an insane dwarf slowly being dismembered over a period of months. Having entered the lair undetected and dispatching the lone servant, the party got the drop on Yxit has he worked at carefully extracting the brain of one his experimental subjects.

Though, quickly overwhelming the purple skinned fiend with surprise and magical resources, the party was unable to prevent Yxit from escaping them by use of his formidable psionic powers. Expecting a quick return, the party set about looting and demolishing the lair. Finding a great deal of value but little in the way of magic items, the party finished their invasion by using a ring of telepathy to communicate with the insane dwarf. Through the dwarf they learned that Yxit had been experimenting on The Corrupted* and growing their brains to extraordinary size as a means to finer dining. Yxit sought to advance his status in the hierarchy by inviting the most posh mindflayers to his lair to dine on the exquisite and fatty brains of his subjects. His callers would dine in extravagance while enjoying the sights and sounds of the dwarf slowly being flayed and dismembered by a hadal particularly adept in the art of torture. The party, mercifully, put an end to the suffering of their informant and moved on.

There was a brief discussion about freeing a demon they had learned was bound in a corner room but decided against it. The Kompanions did a quick pass through the parts of the goblin lair to clean up the pet trolls the goblins kept around. They also discovered a large trash midden where the goblins were expanding their numbers via the spontaneous generation of their kind. The trash heap and the squirming goblin larvae were quickly destroyed with a fireball judiciously cast from some distance down the hall.

Looking to find a path to deeper sections of the undercity, the Kompanions parleyed with the hadals. The hadals were willing to conduct the party through their domain in exchange for killing a grell which they had trapped in a nearby room but were unwilling to risk a direct attack on due to their recently depleted numbers. The party agreed and dispatched the monster with some minor damage to Rexor.

We wrapped up a great session and called it a day.

*The Corrupted: also called hadals – a pale skinned hairless subterranean human off shoot with a penchant for extreme body modification)

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