Pre-gens for Redemption at Gary Con #7: The Holy Man

You wer left on the stps of the temple. The priest raised you as they reased the other orphans. You witnessed the great sacrifices and invocations in the temple as a young man. Being in the presence of the gods was an experience of awe beyond any pleasure mortal life could offer. You pledged yourself to the Protectors and were sent to borderlands to guard the new temples and the priests who served the gods within them. The high priest lived very well for a border temple. He sent you to pick up the “offerings” from the locals and you confronted him on your return. What you did not know what that he was of the royal house, though a minor a sub-ranch, a royal none the less. You were quickly removed from your post and dismissed from your order. Now you wander, giving your protection, delivering justice and praying to the gods for your redemption.

The Leader

The Sword Master

The Apprentice

The Wizard

The Banished

The Deserter

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