Reign of Blood: Game Report #9

The Kompanions swept up the remnants of Willems army they could manage. Kalador and the Kavalry returned to Vanessa’s Lament as the army prepared to move on a defenseless Silverside. Taking advantage of the chaos of the defeated forces of Willem and the aristocratic houses of Silverside, they moved quickly to secure the city and add it to the territory of the people. Arriving at Silverside, the Kompanions let it be known that if the people cast down their oppressors and delivered them to justice of the Kompanions, the city its people would be spared. It didn’t take long for the pitch forks and torches to come out and the city was handed over to the Kompanions.

The KoK left the city in the hands of their capable administrators and returned to Vanessa’s Lament with the captives of their most resent conquest in chains. Summoning the people to witness the justice of the Kompanions, the sacrifice of the captives commenced. Rexor, feeling that perhaps the Kompanions had become a force of destruction and not of true justice declined to participate and retired to his quarters with a cask of ale. His demon armor symbiot was not amused.

The headsmen were busy with the many captives and the spectacle was well attended by the people. Attempting to receive a boon from his patron, Stilgar called upon the demon prince of Chaos, Volock as the knife was plunged into the heart of Lord Willem. Immediately after the sky took on a sanguine hugh and the clouds gathered, tinged crimson. Deep red lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as the sky let loose with a deluge of blood. It rained down from the sky, spattering the crowd as a cry of fury and ecstasy erupted from their upturned heads. Before Stilgar appeared the beautiful form of Volock. An athletic, perfectly formed youth, naked to display the magnificent and perfect shape of his body.

“You have served me well, Stilgar. I accept your offering,” he said. With a wave of his cunning fingers, the demon restored  Stilgar’s hand, burned by the flames of Law. Stilgar flexed the restored hand and when he looked up, the demon was gone and the dark clouds were clearing.

The Kompanions retired briefly in their keep and felt that it would be good for a getaway to Nightside in the plane of Limbo. On their way to the Hall of Infinite doors they noticed a strange shadow on the road where nothing stood to cast a shadow. Upon approaching it, a bizarre creature appeared and attacked those who got close to it. At had the appearance of a pyramid topped by a sphere. The pyramid had long clawed arms sticking out of it and the sphere a large mouth and could rotate in any direction. It was protected by a hard outer shell like that of a turtle. A rather bizarre manifestation, it could phase in and out of the material plane and into some shifting dimension which the party had no means to access. They fought it and nearly lost Pompous Maximus to its great maw when it poisoned him with its claws. Rexor attempted to contact it with the ring of telepathy and was nearly driven mad with the shear incomprehensibility of its mind. He asked it to go away, and disturbingly, it did. The party speculated that perhaps their activities had made it possible for emanations of pure Chaos to enter their world. They continued on to the Temple of Chaos and the Hall of Infinite Doors.

On their way through the Hall of Infinite Doors they noticed that one of the doors further down the hall, a bit out of the way had fallen and lay on the floor. Investigating, they looked out into the recent destruction of a city on a vast plain that had been scoured of its vegetation. In the middle of the plain there was what looked ever so much like stool left by a creature the size of a titan. This mountain of excrement had massive insects between fifteen and thirty feet long crawling in out of it. Some of the creatures were carrying vegetation which they were harvesting in an ever growing circle from their hive. Near the top of the gargantuan coprolite was something causing a gleam, a glittering reflection of sunlight. Curious, Rexor flew to the hive to investigate. He learned there were strange glowing gems embedded in the fossilized dung of what ever manner of creature had created this terrible pile of manure. He chopped away and was able to free one of the gems but not before he caught the interest of a soldier bug coming to investigate the disturbance. Rexor quickly dispatched and and learned that fire was a particularly effective means of destroying the creatures.

After a brief conference, the party decided that it was worth the risk to mine more of these glowing gem stones and returned to the hive. Several of the bugs were now aroused by the activity of the Kompanions and brief battles ensued between mining operations. Quickly acquiring the stones that were easily dug out of the hive, the party descended into tunnels dug into the coprolite by the giant insects. Through magical means the party was able to determine the chamber where the queen and her offspring lived and made for it. There were some tense moments in the battle and the entire hive began to converge on the party. They managed to slay the queen but not before she had released a horrible scent which called her children to her aid. The party, having gathered a considerable amount of the gems, decided it was time to leave. With Rexor activating his flaming sword they were able to create a path out of the hive and escape back to the relative safety of the Halls.

Making their way to Nightside, the party found a sage who told them that these stones had inherent magical properties which could be used to create ioun stones, a potent magical item. Seeing the opportunity for a great deal of profit, the party began to consider a return the hive to harvest more of the glowing magical gems.

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