A Little Dungeon Crawling: Game Report #10

The Kompanions arrived in Nightside and found a wizard who works with gems and magical jewelry. The gentleman was quite impressed to see the collection of gems dug from the giant coprolite on their way to Nightside. A deal was struck where the jeweler got half the stones in exchange for polishing and finishing the remainder so that they were to become fully functioning ioun stones.

The party decided to delve into the dungeons below nightside in order to find out how to reach the reputed great treasures within the depths of the block on which the great city in the plane of Limbo was built. A wizard making his home near Gem Cutter’s Square  was reputed to have one of the safer entrances into the depths and was nearby. The Kompanions gladly paid his fee and went delving.

They first encountered a trapped door which nearly dropped a block of stone onto Rexor who went on to inspect the room and noted a net trap and large pile of adventuring gear and refuse. The pile was actually a carefully constructed and camouflaged lair for a pair of ettercaps the party quickly dispatched.

Moving on the party encountered a rust monster which caused them a great deal of terror. They managed to draw it out and kill it with minimal losses. They had to sacrifice a pair of well loved iron manacles Rexor had been carrying around for ages and more significantly a magic dagger. The party failed to recognize a particular form of fungi known as a shrieker before it alerted some strange otherworldly creatures to their presence. The monsters appeared to be a swirling cloud of teeth taking, roughly, a humanoid form. There was a brief battle and the party once again prevailed.

Working their way through another door the party happened upon a strange workshop wherein the owner was a being that appeared to be more machine than meat. Using their ring of telepathy the party determined the occupant of the workshop was a traveler from someplace called Yothri and was drawing some sort of magical power from the stone itself. Thinking a deal could be struck, the party inquired if the maker had anything he needed. Indeed he did! He was running short of a rare metal that was known to the party as adamantine. He needed to construct a suitable receptacle for his work. The party said they would attempt to gather the needed material and left.

Traveling on the party found a pair of adventurers, well, what was left of their corpses rather. They appeared to have been carrying a large pile of treasure toward the exit when they were waylaid and mostly eaten by some large wormlike creatures. The treasure and some useful magic devices were recovered and the party followed the blood trail to the room next door where eight well fed, bizarrely beaked and tentacled worms the size of grown men were happily digesting their meal of failed adventurer. The party battled the worms, defeated them with little trouble and decided it was time to return back to their accommodations within the strange and beautiful city of Nightside.



This was my first time dungeon mastering over the internet. I have played a few games using Google Hangouts but this is the first time I ran a game. It went very well. There were some hick ups here and there using Skype. I will be looking into other options but for our first time out it worked. I think I will definitely be getting further into running games online. I prefer face to face gaming but under the current situation, that is not possible so this will be how I get my gaming fix in the near term. I have resisted jumping into the online gaming thing but I think maybe online gaming will start being a bigger part of my enjoyment of the hobby.

Best to you and yours in this very uncertain time.

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