Here and There: Game Report #12

The Kompanions returned back to the prime material world from the strange city of Nightside in the plane of Limbo. Pompous and Akbar returned to Vanessa’s Lament to recover from their adventures in the undercity of Nightside. Stilgar and Rexor checked in with their men guarding the keep housing the Hall of Infinite doors. Just the night before, the garrison had suffered a vampire attack and there was news of strange occurrences south of Woodhurst.

Entering Woodhurst they found the town mostly abandoned and the remaining residents scared about the strange events occurring on the road south of the town. After talking to the inn keeper at the Black Aurox and a woodsman’s wife, Rexor and Stilgar were able to track down the vampire and kill it. Fortunately, it was still daylight and they had an advantage over the creature. They took time to go to the area where they had battled with the Great Druid and the forces of Willem to investigate the strange phenomenon. During their brief observations they experienced a brief exchange of abilities, an  otherwise normal squirrel flying through the air and other oddities.

Rexor and Stilgar were looking to source adamantine  to exchange with the wheezing  mechanical being in the undercity of Nightside. Expecting that the best source would be the dwarves of the city of Anvil. They took a trip down to visit them. The dwarves were not happy to see the two. The dwarves are aligned with the forces of Law and the Kompanions had swung to the side of Chaos. Chaos being transcendent in the realm had cause the dwarves a great deal of trouble and they were not pleased with the activities of the Kompanions of Kalador. The dwarves were none the less willing to tell the Kompanions that they had lost access to the ore needed to make adamantine many centuries ago. The Githzerai had invaded and taken over the mine. When the Githzerai had been destroyed and driven out by the dragon Williglim, the dwarves had lost the knowledge of the mine’s location. If the Kompanions learned of the location, perhaps a relationship could be reestablished once again.

One their way home, Rexor and Stilgar stopped back at the Hall of Infinite doors to make a trip to Nightside. Early in their career, the Kompanions had acquired a big admantine chest which is a gate to some hell. The chest was a clue leading them to the adamantine mine. The Kompanions hoped that if they got the chest out of their domain, the power of Chaos might be diminished. They brought the chest with them to Nightside with the intention of finding someplace safe to store it. They settled on purchasing a property as a base of operations and place to store their good within the city.

Rexor and Stilgar hired a guide from the Guild of Interpreters who took them to Fastida of the Golden Teeth, a property broker who deals dwellings and buildings in the city on the edge of the night. Rexor, tired of the spartan accommodations his companion the monk prefered, decided to buy a posh villa near what is called “The Shaft.” The Shaft is a deep mine shaft sunk by the Slaad when they were investigating the unlikely rock floating through Limbo.

They also collected a potion of great power (and great expense) they had commissioned several months prior. Intending to fight and destroy the vivimancer Zoran, the party had hired a wizard to brew a potion of lich control. Zoran’s girlfriend had inadvertently become a lich as a result of her long exposure to the magical emanations coming from the fragmented Shadow Staff. One of the party’s long term goals is to destroy the vivimancer and his unnatural creations.

Back at Vanessa’s Lament, the party consulted the materials they had acquired from the vast library in the tower of their wizard. After some deep research they were able to narrow down the location to an area in the mountains far to the east of their domain, near the former lair of Williglim. After ten days of travel on the back of their pet roc, a friendly encounter with some adventurers, and a fight with some bog mummies; the party found a massive door in the mountains. They made camp and considered the writing etched on the door. Stilgar used the true sight ability of the Silver Hand to determine the carvings were part an enchantment on the doors themselves and would require the skills of a wizard to decipher.

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