Who Turned Out The Lights: Game Report #16

Stilgar, Rexor and Akbar replenished their potion stock, got Rexor’s dungeon fungus cured and went back into the undercity of Nightside.

On their way down the shaft to the deepest known section of the dungeon, the party encountered a trio of invisible giant spiders. The monstrous arachnids had spun webs hoping to catch something delicious but instead found themselves dealing with the Kompanions of Kalador. There was a brief fight and the Kompanions continued to the bottom of the shaft where the refuse for most of the city can be found. Here, they noticed a number of vile larva nearly three feet long were spawning in the filth. They avoided the squirming horrors and moved on.

Their first plan was to check out some rooms that had previously been missed in their earlier searches. One room turned out to be a battle ground and ambush site for the rabbit creatures the party had previously dispatched. Next to it was a small room with a short pillar holding an absurdly large gem. There were several desiccated corpses with no marks of violence on them in the passageway leading to the room. The whole room was free of the disgusting growths that infested the rest of the dungeon. Rexor deployed one of his scorpion constructs to inspect the pillar and remove the gem. A stone door slid down from the ceiling sealing off the chamber and a cloud of poison gas issued from the pillar. The scorpion was trapped in the room but the party decided to wait until until later to recover it with their magics.

Intent on vengeance for their previous defeat, the party stormed the lair of the ropers. This time they were able to overcome the beasts with little trouble.

Moving on, the party came across odd bits of clothing, haberdashery and footwear in the main passage. Following the trail, they came across a half dozen small humanoids who were bundled in layers of ragged reeking clothes dyed black. Using an innate magical ability, the little creatures created areas of darkness that even the flame sword of Rexor could barely penetrate. They immediately attacked the adventurers with poison smeared daggers. When destroyed, the creatures burst into a flash of blinding bright light, leaving only a pile of filthy rags and a poison dagger. The creatures were easily defeated and one had attempted to run away. The fleet footed Stilgar caught up with and subdued it. Using their ring of telepathy Rexor interviewed the creature and learned there were a great deal more of them and a “dark master” who would slay them all. Stilgar dispatched the creature.

The Kompanions learned that there were indeed a great deal more of the curious little creatures with bad B.O.. The party entered the area controlled by the dark creepers and attacked them. Soon the party was surrounded and had to fight their way through. Akbar, sensed that the party might be in trouble as he had run out of the ability to dispel the magical darkness created by the creepers. Their leader joined the fight using the darkness and the ability to move silently in the dark to maneuver behind Rexor. Using the terrible necromancy of the Shadow Staff, Akbar slew a number of the creatures with a death spell while Rexor cut down the leader. This turned the momentum of the battle and the party soon had the remaining creepers on the run. The party searched the lairs of the ragged little devils and turned up some good loot, potions and scrolls.

Having need of rest, the party recovered the scorpion construct that had been trapped in a room, gathered up their loot and headed back to Villa Vigelim.

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