Home Sweet Home: Game Report #18

The Kompanions of Kalador spent a day recovering from their fight with the demodands in the depths below Nightside. They sent out a request to Tarix to acquire more of his hounds with the miraculous ability to take you where you want to go. The party then returned back to their home on the prime material plane.

While they were gone, Pompous Maximus had been working on removing the massive butts of alchemy fire from where they had been buried in the road south of Woodhurst. The Chaos Storm was still swirling about in the area so he lost some of their zombie and skeleton soldiers in the process but the highly flammable oil had been returned back to the temple. Pompous also reported that a druid had turned up to give the news that a sizable force of Githzerai had moved into their former fortress which had been occupied by the dragon Wiliglim. Having a variety of tasks to see to, Akbar returned to his tower and his library to learn some new spells.

Rexor and Stilgar flew their pet roc to Anvil, the seat of the dwarvish realm with its brutalist and blocky architecture. The Chaos monk bearing the Silver Hand of Ossiam and the warrior with four arms, giant beetle wings and wearing a demon as armor entered the Sacred Hall of the Masters. The Masters filed in dressed in their official regalia. The Master of the Forge in an exotic giant snake skin apron and his hammer of office sat in the place of highest honor as the other Masters took their places in the chamber. Stilgar gave their attendant a sample of ore brought from the adamantine mine. The Master of Mines turned it over in his hand, hit it with a small rock hammer and declared the sample the genuine article. The other Masters nodded and grunted with approval. The Kompanions gave the dwarves the map to the mine and described the creatures they had defeated. The Masters were pleased by this and thought that they could possibly come to some agreements with the Kompanions for various construction projects. However, the Masters expected the Kompanions to stop attacking their trade shipments with Whitemist. This being news to Stilgar and Rexor, the Kompanions said they would take care of it. They proceeded to negotiate for builders to come do more work as well as new sets of armor and weapons for New Kaladonia’s cavalry. They also learned that Zoran, the vivimancer ruling Whitemist, had ordered a considerable quantity of pig iron for some new project.

Rexor and Stilgar did some scouting on the way home trying to find out where the piracy issue was on the Silver River. They came across a flotilla of dwarvish barges heading down river toward Vanessa’s Lament. They spoke with the barge Master and learned that the barges had successfully fended off an attack not far from a small hamlet on the river several miles up stream. They went to the village and noticed one of the villagers had a suspicious wound. Rexor picked the man up and carried him into the sky. Demanding that he tell them the truth, Rexor threatened to drop the peasant to his death. Defiant, the man declared that the Kompanions had betrayed the people and were not true followers of Kommonism that they claimed to be. Rexor dropped the peasant to his death but collected the corpse so that Akbar could speak with the man’s ghost and extract the knowledge they desired.

Back in his lab, Akbar used his foul necromancy to learn that there was a cult, The Brotherhood of the Eel, with a camp on a tributary off the Silver River. The party went there and used their magic to scout out the location and see what was going on. They found an old shrine that had been defiled and turned into an alter to some unknown Chaos god. Using true sight Stilgar saw that all the cultists had been mutated in some fashion by the Chaos powers. As the men gathered for their evening meal, Akbar used the power of the Shadow Staff and his own spell casting to kill the cultists before they knew what was happening. The Kompanions grabbed the loot the cultists had extracted from river traffic and a fine magic bow with markings of the destroyed city of Milltown. The adventurers destroyed the camp and the alter to Chaos so that the malign forces would no longer bother the local people.

Contemplating this most recent turn of events, the Kompanions returned back to their keep. Stilger consulted with his spy master about the activities in Whitemist. The Kompanions had decided that Zoran was too great a threat and was part of the problem of imbalance between Chaos and Law. As such, they would have to kill him and his girlfriend, Zaya the Lich. Zoran had not been idle as the Kompanions were off in the plane of Limbo. He had consolidated his control over Whitemist. His apprentices were busy using their vivimantic arts to create flesh golems, altering and enhancing the soldiery of Whitemist and creating other abominations. Zoran did have some problems. An insurrection aligned with Law had organized in the eastern edges of the city, outside the walls. The north of the city was a slum that Zoran mostly ignored but had become a hive of misery ruled over by ruthless gangs.

The Kompanions started to consider their plan for a confrontation with Zoran that was long overdue.

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