“I Knew This Day Would Come!” :Game Report #26

Akbar caught up with Stilgar, Rexor and their vassal Einar the reluctant fisherman in the camp outside of Hablok. Akbar identified some of the items the party had looted from the chatelaine’s apartment in the tower. The magic quiver they found had turned out to be a quiver of returning. The five war darts stored in it would return to the case after being thrown in combat. It had been handy tool for the chatelaine as she would hurl the darts while flying on the back of her terrible war crows. The Kompanions decided that the chatelaine’s tower would be the most likely place for valuable salvage in the ruins of Hablok. Loaded onto the flying carpet, the party entered the tower through the balcony that they had previously discovered.

The adventurers negotiated the staircase to the second floor of the tower and discovered a large room with three tax clerks who had been transformed into powerful undead by the Chaos storms swirling about the city. Akbar was unable to gain control over them and their strength was apparent as one wrapped its fingers around Rexor’s neck in an attempt to squeeze the life from him. Rexor and Stilgar obliterated the creatures but then noticed that they were quickly reforming. With the magic fire of his flame sword, Rexor burned the dead ones to ash.

The group looked through the various ledgers and found that a considerable amount of account transfers had been taking place between the chatelaine and merchants guild. The guild had been chartered to mint coins from the gold and silver stored in the vaults of the guild. The Kompanions noted the sums were quite substantial and worth seeking out the guild hall to see what remained of it. After searching for secret panels, the party discovered a room with a large quantity of coins that had been minted not long before the chaos storms and earthquakes had wiped out Hablok.

The first floor of the tower yielded a number of interesting objects of value. The audience chambers and servant posts were intact. The Kompanions helped themselves to fine silver serving pieces and the wine that had been set aside for the chatelaine and her guests. The armory and guard stations had weapons and armor missing from their racks though much of it was still in place. Searching through the office of the chatelaine’s marshal, Stilgar found a curious metal disk the size of his palm. It had the lady’s image on one side, the image of a crow on the other.

Within the chatelaine’s waiting room, the party found a trap door hidden beneath a very large and finely woven rug. The magically locked door was easily opened with the amulet Stilgar had found. Stairs led down into a magically lit cellar. As the Kompanions reached the lower level, they heard the tinkling of water, as if from a fountain. Indeed, they did find a fountain nearby with a fine silver pitcher and some exquisitely woven white hand towels. Within this area was shrine with a statue depicting the chatelaine.

In another passage, the party found the crypt of the lady’s favorite champion. The knight who brought the war crows from the dream lands was interred within his enchanted spider silk armor, and a great two handed sword. All that remained of the warrior was his skeleton. The Kompanions looted the dead man and continued their search.

Down another hall was a stone door with no lock and no handle; just a door set into the wall. The construction was quite tight, allowing no space for a pry bar to be used. Akbar used a knock spell to open it. Within was a chamber roughly twenty feet square with a high vaulted ceiling. The floor, walls, ceiling and the three doors set into the center of each wall were lined with lead and had active magic symbols inscribed. It was well that the ceiling was high, for a ten foot tall demonic guardian was waiting for the Kompanions. The creature had cloven hooves, a pair of thick arms that ended in giant lobster like pincers, another pair of shorter clawed appendages and a mouth full of fangs. Stilgar attempted to parley with the creature but it was having none of it. Angry at its confinement and compelled by the will of the Chatelaine to guard her treasures, the fiend attacked Einar with a will. It was not a long fight but the monster gave them some difficulty. Soon enough it was dispatched back to the abyss where it had come. The Kompanions then set about to figure out how to open the vault doors.

The room they were in had numerous, layered defenses against magic. It was apparent that teleportation in or out of the room was impossible. The doors were all magically sealed and warded in some fashion. Picking one at random, Akbar used his spells to open the first door. Within it was a stack of gold bars. More than the party could carry, even with the bag of holding that Rexor was wearing. Entering the vault caused a magical glyph to be activated. Immediately, both Akbar and Rexor decided that all this gold belonged to them and the other Kompanions were going to try to take it. Akbar shouted, “I always knew, one day, it would come to this,” and cast a wall of fire to block entry to the room. Rexor laughed and walked through the fire, his demon armor easily protecting him. Akbar, not to be discouraged sat down in a corner of the main chamber and began chanting. Meanwhile, Rexor opened his bag of holding and started loading the gold.

Stilgar, immune to the effects of the glyph, had seen that this was quickly getting out of hand and retreated out of the entry chamber. A powerful swirling wind blew through the hall as Akbar summoned an air elemental to take on Rexor and gather up the gold. The elemental entered the chamber and the fight was on. Stilgar, after a failed attempt to dispel the effects of the magical symbol of discord with a dart of dispelling, decided it would be best if he could get Akbar out of the room and away from the gold. He ran into the chamber, scooped up the wizard who was concentrating on controlling the elemental and ran back into the adjoining passage. The jostling caused Akbar to loose control of the elemental. Released from Akbar’s control, the summoned creature became enraged.

Stilgar slammed the outer door of the vaults shut to trap the elemental in the room with Rexor. Knowing that Rexor could, probably, defeat the elemental on his own it seemed like the best way to avoid a complete destruction of the party. Einar, who had been standing guard down the hall was confused as he saw Akbar, polymorph himself into a vulture. The wizard was trying to escape his erstwhile friends who he had always expected would turn on him one day. Stilgar chased the transformed wizard with his dart of dispelling . The missile had returned via a quiver of returning the party had looted from the chatelaine’s apartment only the day before. Rexor was locked in combat with the air elemental. He had tried to escape by using the grey dog statue that Tarix sold them. The lead lined walls prevented any teleportation and the magic fizzled with no effect.

Stilgar chased after the polymorphed wizard throwing the magic dart and missing. The dart returned to its magazine and he threw it again, missing once more. Just before the wizard would have escaped to the open air and beyond the reach of Stilgar, he was able to hit Akbar with the dart and dispel the polymorph and the magic of the symbol which had given the wizard the certitude that the gold was his and his alone. Coming to his senses, Akbar went back to the vault with Stilgar to see if their companion Rexor still lived. Akbar used his magic open the vault and found that Rexor had prevailed over the elemental but with some difficulty. Casting dispel magic, Akbar overcame the chatelaine’s spell over Rexor and the mighty warrior realized at once what had happened. Though less certain of the loyalty of their brothers in arms, the Kompanions returned to their room in the camp brothel to recover their strength, and consider how they might get the rest of the gold out of the vault.

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