All Right. We’ll Call It A Draw :Game Report #28

Having cached their massive acquisition of wealth back at Vanessa’s Lament; Rexor, Stilgar and Einar travelled to Whitemist on their flying carpet to make a formal visit to Mirko, the new ruler of the city. Following the Silver River north to White Lake, the Kompanions were pleased to see the trade and fishing boats in abundance.

Arriving at the city, the Kompanions saw a number of gibbets hanging out side the walls. Most of them were occupied by decaying and desiccated corpses, but there was one with a skinny and dirty looking fellow. Bringing the carpet up to the cage Stilgar asked, “Hey there good man, why are you imprisoned in such a manner.”

The criminal replied, “I was sentenced to die in the gibbet for stealing bread, for my family was hungry and I had no coin to buy food for them.”

“A great injustice! Is this the sort of Law that Mirko brings to Whitemist! We shall free you,” said the Red Monk.

Easily picking the lock to the gibbet door, the prisoner crawled out of the cage and onto the carpet. By this time the garrison of the city had arrived and were not pleased by the actions of the Kompanions. The officer of the guard was called and came out to confront the Kompanions. There was a tense moment where it looked like a fight might happen but a crusty old sergeant pointed out who the officer of the day was about to attack and self preservation got the better of honor and glory.

The Kompanions returned the man to his home, in the dreadful slums north of the city. Seeking to address the oppression of the people, Stilgar steered the carpet directly to the new keep being built by an army of laborers where the lab of Zoran the vivmancer once stood. Gaining entrance to the chambers of Lord Mirko the Lawful; Stilgar began haranguing the man about the injustices he had witnessed and is this how Mirko is going to relieve the people after having been handed the keys to the city by the Kompanions and perhaps there would be others more suited to rule of the city. Mirko became angry and once again, a fight was brewing. Rexor and Einar calmed the situation by dragging the Red Monk from the hall as Stilgar continued to shout about the wages of tyranny.

The Kompanions left Mirko’s keep and flew straight to the Warrens to meet The Boss, the criminal overlord of the slums. Wanting to take the measure of The Boss and thinking that he might make a better ruler for the city, they went to the building where The Boss ran his affairs. Outside the building in a muddy open area, a large bonfire of scrap wood, trash and rags was burning. Nearby a number of armed and armored men sat by drinking ale and laughing. Taverns, brothels, gambling and drug dens lined the open area like a city square set aside for the purposes of debauchery.

The Kompanions were immediately recognized and a flunky of The Boss came to the door to greet them. A runner was sent to a nearby tavern for food and ale but the Kompanions. The Boss was attending to important business and would be busy for a little while. Benches, food and ale, were all brough forth. Though simple, coarse fair; the food was hot and plentiful. Time passed and still, they had not been allowed to see The Boss. Rexor used the ring of telepathy and Stilgar looked and listened to see if they could get the sense of the situation. They quickly realized that an ambush was upon them.

Stilgar activated the true sight power of the Hand of Ossiam and saw they were in trouble. The door of the building opened and large armored men in full plate rushed out. They were hasted by some magical means. A group of men with crossbows had been made invisible and were rushing from a nearby alley. Then from the bonfire in the square, a fire elemental appeared. The men who had been sitting around paying no attention to the party were on their feet and attacking as well. The Kompanions drew their weapons and defended themselves.

Stilgar immediately shouted his battle cry, “Parkour!” and climbed up the side of the building looking for the wizard that had summoned the elemental. He had an idea of who The Boss was and it wasn’t a reassuring thought. Reaching the roof, he found four armored men protecting a robed and hooded wizard concentrating on the brazier of fire elemental summoning they had given Mirko for his assistance when the Kompanions had battled Zoran. The henchmen were well placed and couldn’t be bypassed to attack the wizard. Stilgar would have to go through them first.

Stilgar and Einar were surrounded by The Boss’s thugs on one side and the fire elemental on the other. They were taking out the thugs quickly but were also under assault by magic missile spells being cast at them from upper floor windows of buildings along the square. Einar charged, trying to get through the men into the building to give himself some shelter from the spell casters. Rexor flew up with his giant beetle wings to avoid being surrounded and to have a better situation against the elemental.

Stilgar managed to deal with the body guards and was about to turn on the wizard. The wizard’s face was now visible to Stilgar despite the heavy hood and The Boss was revealed. It was their old enemy Pim! Realizing his peril, Pim dismissed the elemental, lest he loose control and have it rampaging through the slum. Activating a magical device, Pim began to fly up. Stilgar ran and leapt up at the last moment to grab Pim about the legs and fly up with him.

Einar slashed and bulled his way into the building but was facing guards who had stayed indoors to protect the entry to the roof. He was at a stand off on the third floor of the building with a closed trap door beckoning above the well armed warriors. The elemental dispelled, Rexor turned to see his friend the Red Monk dangling from the legs of Pim as the pair ascended higher into the sky. Thinking this could get ugly, he flew as fast as he could toward the pair.

Stilgar grabbed onto Pims arms as the wizard was reaching into his cloak to grab what was probably another magical device. Pim was unable to use whatever that device was secreted in his tunic but had a ring of shocking grasp and utilized it to great effect. The sky lit up as he grasped the Red Monk and delivered a powerful electrical charge. Stilgar was killed instantly and fell from the sky. Rexor hoping that his friend might survive, managed to catch Stilgar mid air, but the monk was dead. His flesh was fried and many of his magic devices destroyed. Rexor carefully set the corpse of his friend down on the roof of Pim’s lair and flew back up to fight the wizard.

Keeping his distance, Pim flung a powerful lightening bolt spell at Rexor. Having no resistance to the magic but his own might, Rexor fought through the pain of the bolt and flew on. Pim knew he had no chance if Rexor was able to get close enough to bring his weapons to bare. Utilizing his most powerful spell, Pim cast power word stun. Having no resistance to such magic, Rexor was stunned and unable to fly.

Powerful Rexor, plummeted through the air and crashed through the roof of the building. His great strength and constitution saved him as he came through the roof and onto the warriors that Einar was combating. Einar’s luck was what saved the Kompanions from a worse fate. Einar opened Rexor’s bag of holding and dug out the flying carpet. Dragging the stunned Rexor onto the carpet, Einar flew out of the gaping hole in the roof. He saw Stilgar’s lifeless corpse on top of the building and flew over to retrieve it.

Pim, who had been basking in the glory of his victory saw what was happening and sent a fireball to prevent the Kompanions from escaping. He intended to incinerate their remains and spread the ashes out over White Lake so that the Kompanions would never be of concern to him again. Rexor’s armor protected him from the fireball. Stilgar’s corpse was now just burned flesh and bone with the relic of Ossiam the Black attached. Einar, being a powerful warrior in his own right managed to withstand the fireball. Most lucky of all, the flying carpet, somewhat shielded by the Kompanions and magical in nature, was not destroyed by the spell. Had it been burned up, the end of the Kompanions would have been certain.

Regaining his control of the carpet, Einar flew away at top speed. The flying magic possessed by Pim was not able to keep up with the carpet and so the Kompanions escaped. An hour or so after leaving the scene of the battle, Rexor was able to move again. His ioun stones healed him as they traveled back to Vanessa’s Lament. When they arrived back at their keep, they were able to use a rod of resurrection to recall their friend Stilgar back from the grey and silent realms of the dead.

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