Nice Chair You Have There: Game Report #31

Einar returned with Akbar to the village where Stilgar and Rexor were waiting. The party decided to follow the villagers to the “sacred cave” where they would observe the oldest villager being transported to paradise. All the villagers and the Kompanions travelled to the sacred cave where they found a large bronze disk set into the floor. The village priestess chanted to the rhythm of drums and shakers. The elder had been carefully prepared for her journey. She was washed, a necklace of flowers about her neck and her hair carefully braided in the proscribed manner. The songs ceased and the elder stepped onto the plate and disappeared.

The villagers returned home and the Kompanions stayed behind to inspect the cave and see if they could determine how to use the teleport pad. They put in a day’s work trying to figure it out but it was no use. Deciding that the likely location of the lich was an island in the middle of the lake at the center of the realm, the party mounted their flying carpet and made for the tower. Finding a much smaller building than they expected, the party opted for the direct approach and made for the only entrance they could find. Within were a dozen dark creepers, a species of small humanoids they had once met in the dungeons of Nightside.

The hasted Rexor leapt through the doorway and began to slaughter the little men with Einar close behind. Rallying briefly, the creepers used their innate ability to create magical darkness and their leaders attempted to maneuver into position and put their poisoned short swords to work. It was not a good day for the creepers, however, and the warriors wiped out the lich’s guards with a quickness. Searching through this floor of the building, the party found no stairs down but a strange vat with monstrous clawed creatures sloshing and gurgling in a milky viscous liquid. Keeping their distance, they continued their search. The lich’s workshop was a horror. A small hairless humanoid with dog like features was locked up in a cage and a dead lizard man with its brain removed was laying on a work table. The dog man told the party that there was a teleporter in the cellar that could be used to get to the lich in the upper level.

In the cellar, there was a maze of rooms with an enchantment that caused a seemly random teleportation to a different room but after using some of their own magical tools, the party was able to ascertain the correct teleportation plate and entered into the upper level of the building. They found a flesh golem of made from parts of numerous humanoid species and attacked it. It was tough but not powerful enough to withstand the strength of the Kompanions. Looking around they noticed two chambers adjoining the one they occupied. One looked to be a massive library that Akbar looked at longingly. The other held a cube of a shiny metal with a mirror like finish, a flame suspended in the air, a swirling whirlwind and pool of water also flowing through the air in a continuous pattern. At one end of the room was also, a lich sitting on a throne of stone covered in jewels.

As Rexor and Einar stepped into the room, they were blasted by a lightening bolt from the lich. Rexor had the protection of an ioun stone but Einar was not so lucky. Einar was able to soldier on though it was looking grim for him. The Kompanions went on the attack and made for the undead being that looked half alive as some living flesh still clung to the bones of the creature. Rexor came close and put his swords into action. Einar and Stilgar were also in on the fight and surrounded the lich. Striking out with its terrible touch, Rexor was paralyzed by the lich and out of the fight. Rexor’s contribution to the fight been impressive, weakening the monster substantially. Stilgar and Einar had little difficulty finishing off the lich.

Akbar gleefully went off to the library as the rest of the party searched the destroyed monster and took it’s magical tools. Throwing caution to the wind, Stilgar sat down in the lich’s throne to find out what the device did. Immediately, his mind spread throughout the cavern and he became aware of all the creatures and people in the pocket dimension created for the wizard Arfaleo and claimed by Xayerez.

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