Undead Velociraptors: Game Report #32

Rexor, Akbar, Stilgar and their henchman Einar the Reluctant Fisherman defeated the lich Xayerez and searched his lair looking for treasure. Stilgar and Akbar were able to find a small cache of magic items and treasures in the throne room and how to crack open the secret compartment. Using the throne of Arfaleo, the Kompanions scryed various parts of the massive cavern to find other areas of interest and possible treasures. Once they had established a plan to go investigate, the Kompanions returned to the village of primitive humans to deliver the news of Xayerez’s demise.

Arriving in the village with the head of Xayerez, Stilgar told the villagers of their victory and how they had been tricked into sending the eldest villagers to the lich who had been consuming their brains and bodies for his own evil purposes. Having previously attuned himself to the priestess who served Xayerez, Stilgar raised his clenched fist and she dropped dead of a heart attack. Even though most of the villagers had previously followed her, this display of power brought them to their knees.

It was an easy matter to convince the villagers to help the Kompanions pack up the library of Arfaleo for the return trip home. As it was quite dangerous to bring the Chest of Lorox, a pocket dimension, into another pocket dimension. The library would have to be transported with muscle power. Utilizing the teleport pads, which they now had control over through the throne, the Kompanions brought the villagers to the library and got to work. As Rexor oversaw the work* as Stilgar, Akbar and Einar explored the necropolis and a large dead zone of the jungle around it.

It was quite clear as the party entered the dead zone that some sort of necromantic magic was at work here. Something had killed the jungle. The trees were dead but did not rot. The party came across a group of ghouls which Akbar was able to take control of. Akbar concealed the Kompanions with an invisibility spell as they marched the ghouls into an open area near a large mausoleum. Some other strange form of ghoul was present and Akbar set them against these undead. A battle ensued and these crimson colored ghouls guarding the mausoleum were more powerful. The then used some of their own talents to destroy the remaining ghouls.

This got the attention of another group of undead from within the tombs who were led by a ten foot tall green skinned, horribly fanged creature and a pair of demonic winged serpent creatures. Akbar was now visible and an interesting target to the winged serpents. The green monstrosity became a cloud of green mist fly toward the carpet. There was an exchange of magical attacks between Akbar and the serpents as Einar maneuvered the carpet close enough for Stilgar to bring his fists to bear. The massive green undead creature materialized on the carpet to attack the Kompanions.

Trading several nasty blows Stilgar and the green monster did battle as Akbar fought off the winged serpents. Stilgar’s fists forced the creature to turn back to a green mist and flee to it’s refuge in the mausoleum. Akbar cast a fireball to finish off the ghouls in the clearing below including an undead velociraptor. The party entered the mausoleum to find and finish off the creature that had escaped them. They found the monster attempting to recuperate in a sarcophagus inside the structure. In its weakened state, Stilgar was able to subdue it long enough for Einar to decapitate it with the silver sword he had captured from the Githzerai. Employing a wand of metal detection Akbar found some treasures that had been buried in the mausoleum and recovered them.

The party left the dead zone and explored an abandoned laboratory, fought some giant scorpions along the way and recovered some unguarded treasures in the lab. Returning back to the village, the party spoke with the head man and described the creature they had fought in the ruins of the necropolis. It had a distinctive tattoo on its chest and they described it to the headman. They learned that the monster was an ancestor of the headman who had fought the lich when Xayerez first appeared and claimed to be the wizard Arfaleo. Discerning that and much more about the nature of the pocket dimension from the villagers, they decided it was time to make for home.

The party decided that the best way to move the library was to head back to the Temple of Chaos, gather a company of their soldiers, bring them through the hall of infinite doors, march them through the miles of dinosaur infested swamps and jungles, collect the books and march back. It was a miserable and difficult month for the troops but they managed the task and returned back to the temple with the booty for Akbar’s burgeoning library. The Kompanions returned to Vanessa’s Lament to check up on their domain and make plans against their enemies.

*we had a wind storm and Rexor’s player had a power outage. Since we are playing online at the moment, this forced him out of the game for the day.

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