That’s the End of Pim: Game Report #34

Akbar locked himself into his tower and demanded to be left alone. Rexor and Stilgar had errands in Nightside and so they traveled to the Temple of Chaos, passed through the Hall of Infinite doors and on into the city on a rock, floating in the plane of Limbo. As they passed through the portal and into the city, Rexor and Stilgar noticed right away that the city had changed. The portal was now in a different place relative to the Great Square. Finding a member of Guild of Guides and Translators was more challenging than usual. Typically, a guide was easily found as the members were dispatched on every primary street in the city.

Once they had acquired a guide, they went off to find the workshop of Vizax the Artificer. This took far longer than anticipated because the entire building had moved. Their guide told Rexor and Stilgar that a number of alarming changes had happened in Nighside and it was being looked into by the guild. Finally arriving that Vizax’s shop, they paid for and acquired the armor that Rexor had brought to be enchanted. Stilgar asked Vizax about the sword they had looted from the catacombs below the Chatelaine’s tower in Hablok. Vizax twitched slightly and said he didn’t know anything about it but there might be someone down the street who could be of assistance.

The duo visited a humpbacked craftsman known as Medet on the recommendation of Vizax. Medet’s shop was immaculate. Each tool was perfectly aligned and placed in a particular spot on the work bench or rack. He happened to have finished a commission recently and was taking requests. Stilgar was looking for some way to make the striking attacks from his right hand effective on magical creatures. Medet suggested a cestus and the pair determined what such a thing might cost, the materials and the details of its construction and price. Once that business was concluded, Medet was convinced, with a significant payment for his services, to look at the Sword of Garanax. It was determined that is was a weapon of great power, custom made in the dreamlands for the Chatelain’s champion, Garanax of Hablok. It was weapon of Law and did not like the Red Monk, at all. It had cursed him, giving the monk a phobia of birds. Medet said the best way to get rid of the curse would be to return the sword to the crypt of Garanax though other means might be possible.

Stilgar and Rexor returned to Villa Vigelum. Drawing the sword from its decorated scabbard, it immediately gave Stilgar a damaging shock. The sword and the monk conversed, trading barbs and threats. The sword gave Stilgar two options; return it to the crypt or help it find and protect the Chatelaine; the purpose for which it was made. It indicated that the Chatelaine yet lived. Stilgar agreed but required the sword to remove the curse first. There were more threats and insults but ultimately, the sword removed the curse.

Having completed their business, the Kompanions returned back to their own plane and the keep at Vanessa’s Lament. Once there, Stilgar had Fasulfr, (a dwarf weapon smith exiled from his homeland) light a fire in the smelting furnace he used to refine adamantium ore, and make it as hot as possible. Prodding Akbar from the Chair of Study where he was reading a blasphemous tome acquired from Xayaraz the lich, he told the wizard of a plan to deal with the sword.

With Stilgar standing next to him, carrying the sword but not touching its hilt; Akbar cast anti-magic shell which deactivated all magic within the shell, including the sword. The pair went down to smelting furnace and tossed the sword in. Though it took a while longer than a normal weapon would have to be destroyed, the intense heat of the furnace was enough to unravel the magic of the sword and destroy it forever. Stilgar wasn’t about to have a powerful weapon of Law just laying around waiting to be found by some new champion.

Stilgar’s spies had heard a rumor that someone fitting Pim’s description was seen in Hilda’s camp outside of Hablok. Rid of his aversion to birds, Stilgar called to the aviary for the rocs to be prepared. Stilgar, Einar and Rexor grabbed their gear and headed for Hablok to look into this report. They arrived nearly a week later and in the evening. The winter weather was quite cold. Not many people were moving about except the merchants and local farmers delivering meat and ale to Hilda’s warband. The trio landed outside of town and walked the rest of the way. Rexor always draws attention but they tried to be as low key as possible. They visited the brothel where Rexor was well known and popular because he told good stories and bought drinks.

The Kompanions spent some coin to encourage the locals to tell them what they knew about Hilda’s house guest. The pair found out about a washer woman who worked in the manor house Hilda and her warband had taken over. The washer woman was a hard sort with big strong hands, leathery dark skin and a face set in stone. She was willing to tell Stilgar what ever he wanted to know so long as the price was right. The woman negotiated a hefty sum of 5,000 silver and a ride to Silverside in exchange for helping the Kompanions. They learned that someone fitting Pim’s description was doing engineering for Hilda. He’d drawn out plans for walls and fortifying the manor house. The new gate house with ballista’s and scorpions on the walls were his work.

The group went quietly, sticking to the shadows between the camps and approached the manor house from the rear servant entrance. It was guarded by two well armed and alert men standing next to a blazing fire. Inside, Hilda and her warriors were feasting and drinking in the great hall. Using a bit of theatrics to seem like a worker bringing laundry to the hall, Stilgar got close to guards by falling down and appearing to be a clumsy and weak oaf. The guards hauled him up and Stilgar attuned himself to their hearts and then caused them to die. Sneaking into the building and staying to the servant’s passages, the three men held up outside of Pim’s door.

They saw it was enchanted, using the true sight ability of the hand of Ossiam the Black and proceeded cautiously. There was some fumbling about, an attempt to unlock the door with lock picks, bashing it in and then the Kompanions remembered they had a chime of opening. By this time Pim was quite aware of them and was activating his own magic. Quickly though, the Stilgar and Rexor were through the door and on him. Not taking any further chances, they attacked. Rexor took a great electrical charge from Pim’s ring of shocking grasp but was able to grit his teeth and survive the damage. They chopped and punched the wizard to a bloody mess but could not celebrate their victory. Quickly, they stripped the corpse, searched the room, shoved the body into their bag of holding and hurried back out the way they had come.

As they came out the back door, the party found a warrior bent down inspecting his fallen comrades. Another warrior was running for help. The warrior was surprised as Stilgar slew him. The trio ran for it, expecting trouble at any moment. Rexor took up Einar and flew him over the walls. Stilgar found an unguarded section of the wall and climbed up over it. Once outside, they ran for their camp where the rocs were being tended by a pair of Kalador’s finest soldiers. The washer woman who had helped them reluctantly climbed up onto the great bird with the rest and they all made with haste toward Silverside. The Kompanions let their accomplice off at the city, did a quick check with the city administrators and headed back to Vanessa’s Lament.

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