The Kompanions vs. Chaos : Game Report #36

Before the Kompanions was a tunnel leading to an open chamber larger than the light would show. Some several hundred feet beyond was their prize. A large rock, flat on top and floating in the space. On top of it was a pile of treasure and magic that ancient dragons would envy. Several other large boulders floated in the room; above, below and around the large rock that was their object. Long cables of an unknown pearlescent substance ran from rock to rock to rock. The space was lit by a purple light emanating from veins of some unknown mineral embedded in the floating boulders. Swirling above the pile of treasure was a cloud of obsidian shards, flashing and pulsing. The cloud of shards moving back and forth over the pile like a flock of angry grackles. 

The companions dropped the Chest of Lorox in the hall outside the chamber and left several magic items in it. The Nixthisis, which guarded the treasure, had a special ability by which it could direct a stream of pure Chaos at a target. It’s power could destroy anything in its stream. Akbar cast spells of fly, haste and mirror image. The party consumed special potions of apathy for which they had paid a great deal of coin and waited a month for an alchemist to develop and produce. The Nixthisis could manipulate their emotions and thus influence their actions, they hoped that the potion would prevent this form of mind control. The Kompanions had spent weeks in study of the tomes from the vast library of Laski, Keeper of the Door. The Kompanions had learned much of their enemy and how they might defeat it, and still they feared the Nixthisis. It’s vast treasure was almost beyond imagining. Their desire overwhelmed the fear. Lastly, they summoned the djinni Esmael, who would shift Akbar and Stilgar into the ethereal plane so that once the Kompanions had driven it from this realm, they could battle it in its own plane and destroy it forever. 

Flying through the open chamber and immediately spreading out so that the cone of Chaos could not damage all of them at once, the Kompanions went on the attack. A wall of fire sprang up before Stilgar to slow him down. He could fly around the wall and be delayed in attacking the dread Nixthisis or fly through and endure the flames. Through the flames he went. A proboscis formed in the cloud of obsidian shards and spat a wad of some snotlike substance at Rexor. It sizzled as it flew by him. The Kompanions felt their minds and emotions being probed and tugged at but the potions they had taken prevented such mental attacks from working. Akbar sent a swarm of magic missiles into the cloud of shards but they had no effect whatever. The Kompanions closed in on the creature and struck at it with everything they had, which was considerable. It could not endure their attacks for long and fled to its own plane of existence. Einar the Reluctant and Rexor wearing armor specially enchanted for the purpose, shifted themselves into that plane of terrors.

In the plane of the Nixthisis, the warriors found themselves facing two thickly muscled humanoid creatures the size of ogres, covered in fur, weeping boils and grinning with drooling tusked mouths. The creatures used some magical influence on the warriors which caused them to forget their fight with the Nixthisis and attack the entity’s guardians. The guardians gave strong blows and took those given by Einar and Rexor with little concern. Esmael the djinni completed the task of shifting Akbar and Stilgar into the plane of the Nixthisis and stood back as the wizard and the monk attacked the monster now revealed into its true form.

The entity had an insectoid abdomen and thorax of shiny black obsidian looking substance. Joined to the body were eight legs of human shape and four arms ending in crab like claws. Its head was like that of a praying mantis with slavering mandibles and a proboscis several feet long protruding. Akbar attempted another round of magic missiles which seemed to have effect this time. Stilgar avoided the melee with the humanoid guardians and closed on the Nixthisis. It used it’s terrible Chaos beam as Stilger flew in at it. He took a small amount of damage but Stilgar’s clothes were completely disintegrated and his few magic devices managed to withstand the attack. The creature clawed and bit Stilgar as he came close, drawing from the Red Monk a portion of his charisma. Stilgar responded with a flurry of his own and destroyed the monster forever with a mighty blow from the Hand of Ossiam the Black. Rexor and Einar slew the monstrous guardian creatures they faced and the Kompanions shouted in triumph! Akbar, seeing the nudity of the Red Monk, unwound a length of his turban and gave it to Stilgar to use as a makeshift loin cloth; He declared, “You can keep that.”

Esmael the djinni shifted the party back into the chamber of the Nixthisis in the dungeons below Nightside. A trio of adventurers stood on one of the rocks floating in the chamber looking agape at the pile of treasure and somewhat confused as to why they were there in the first place. One of the three was the elf wizard Geldor the Tactless. Geldor reminded the Kompanions of their agreement, that he should get first pick of the magic items in the pile. The Kompanions exchanged a few muttered words amongst themselves. Stilgar smiled and said they would honor their commitment. The other two adventurers, a warrior clad in full plate with a shield and sword drawn were not convinced of the Kompanion’s intentions. Stilgar said he was going to go fetch their chest from the hall. Akbar had cast a symbol of power word, stun on the chest. Another adventurer lay paralysed from its effects on the ground nearby. Stilgar casually attuned himself to the man and then gave him a heart attack. Picking up the chest, he started to return to the chamber. In the meantime, Akbar, Einar and Rexor had decided that they weren’t sharing a damn thing with that smug elf. One of the adventurers had determined they were about to be jumped and started running atop a weblike cable connecting the rock they were on to the pile of treasure. 

Rexor intercepted and attacked the runner with a flurry of steel. Rexor’s fury was more than the man could handle and he tumbled into the abyss below. Akbar sent a fireball at Geldor and the man at arms. Geldor disappeared in the flames. Leaving only the armored warrior. Einar and Rexor closed in on the warrior. The man slashed Einar with ease. Rexor unleashed his blade and the man still stood. A dispel was cast and removed the haste spell on Rexor. Einar decided to stand despite his peril. The warrior, seeing that he would not be able to handle both warriors and a wizard, thought it no dishonor to yield to the mighty Rexor. He dropped his weapon and took a knee. Rexor asked his name, truly impressed with the might of his foe. His name, he said, was Sergie as a bolt of lightning from the now revealed Geldor struck the three warriors. Einar was nearly done in by the magic, Sergei was slain and Rexor was unharmed due to an ioun stone which absorbed the magic cast at him. Growling with rage, Rexor flew at the elf wizard. Akbar unleashed more magic missiles at the elf. Geldor knew the fight was done and fled by using one of Tarix’s wondrous hounds to teleport himself to a place of safety without fail. The missiles hit him as he disappeared and so it was not clear if he survived the volley.

All their study and preparation had paid off. The treasure at the center of Nightside was theirs. Akbar slept for awhile in order to refresh his spells. During that time a large great white shark materialized and moved through the air as easily as if it were swimming in the ocean. It attacked Stilgar, who was on watch. Stilgar was able to defeat the shark easily but it was still a disturbing sight.

Akbar awoke, refreshed. He prepared his spells and summoned monsters and elementals to begin collecting and shoveling the coins and treasures into the Chest of Lorox as the Kompanions picked out the choice magic devices from the pile of loot. This took many hours to accomplish. During that time several other strange occurrences happened. A stone of some size appeared. Embedded in it was a sword of strange and ancient make. The Kompanions considered removing it but decided it was best left alone. Breaking their own hound of transport, the Kompanions returned to Villa Vigelum and immediately proceeded to the Hall of Infinite doors. As they passed through Nightside, there was a great deal of alarm and panic as strange occurrences like the Kompanions had experienced in the chambers below were beginning to show up throughout the city. Passing through the hall without incident, the party returned to their own planet on the prime material plane and back to their keep at Vanessa’s Lament.

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