And the Spell Is Broken: Game Report 44 Part 2

Akbar, with escort of two charmed soldiers leading the zombie priest whose eyes were bound with a cloth as if he were blind, were able to convince the soldiers guarding the square to let them into the crowd. Rexor and Stilgar, still invisible, separated from the group and put themselves into better positions to attack when Gibron made his appearance.

In the square, the chanting and singing was building. The assembly grew louder and louder. The musicians were sweating in the oppressive heat and closeness of the crowd. Drums, lutes and horns sang out their song for the glory of the Great One. The air was thick with the smell of incense, the flower infused perfumes of the wealthy, the the crowd pressed together in the ecstasy of their rhythmic motions. The worshippers were enraptured by the awe that they felt at the approach of their god. When the cacophony had reached a climax, Gibron appeared in his seat on the dias. He seemed to emerge from the cushions as an apparition. There he was in all his majesty.

Gibron was enormous. A full seven feet tall. His body couldn’t have been more perfect if it had been constructed by a master sculptor. He was bald and a wore a scarlet red toga like garment. A massive scepter sat across his knees. He held his arms high and his people roared with joy to see him.

Four balls of fire rained down onto the priests gathered on the temple steps and exploded. The music stopped. The crowd was uncertain if this was some act of their god in his fury as the broken bodies of the priests were flung flaming in all directions.

Stilgar, opened the iron flask he had pilfered in Nightside. He had no idea what it contained but knew it was probably a some denizen of the abyss. He spoke the word of command and released from his prison was Graz’zt the demon lord. The story of how Graz’zt had been trapped into an iron flask in the possession of Einherjar walking through a bazaar in Nightside is for another time. The fury of the demon lord was unleashed as he drew his deadly sword, dripping its acid on those unfortunate to be near him. His aura of fear swept through the nearby crowd. Some fled, others fell down cowering and pissing themselves in terror. Their horror was short lived as the demon dispatched them with relish.

Drawing their weapons, Einar, Pompous, and Rexor rushed to engage the demigod. Gibron was angered and flew up into the air above the scene to find and smite his attackers. Being earthbound, Einar and Pompous began slaying soldier and priests. Their blades were reddened as they flashed among the throng. Rexor deployed the giant beetle wings that had been grafted to his body by the late vivimancer Zoran. Flying up to meet the demigod in battle, he drew his magical blades. Akbar cast prismatic sphere to protect himself and slew a dozen citizens as the magical field unleashed its terrible power.

Graz’zt was consumed by rage and vented it on the mortals who surrounded him. Stilgar put as much distance as possible between himself and the demon as he could. The Great One’s worshippers saw what was happening and were fleeing for their lives. The crowd ran for the high road and any other exit from the square they could manage. Akbar attempted a magic missile spell on Gibron but it had no effect whatever. The demigod and Rexor flew above the crowd locked in combat as Einar and Pompous cut down soldiers on the steps of the temple.

Akbar summoned an air elemental to send against the demigod. Stilgar was attempting to link up with Einar and Pompous when an monstrously large water buffalo charged into the square trampling all who got in its path. It was headed straight for the temple steps, and the Kompanions battling there. As the great bovine achieved the steps of the temple, Gibron alighted on its back. Stilgar ran swiftly and used his acrobatic skill to climb the beast even as it struck the monk with its great hooves. Gibron produced a magical noose and used it strangle Rexor. The warrior shifted to the ethereal hoping to escape the device but it continued to cut off his air. Thinking quickly, Rexor dug out an ioun stone from his pouch and set it to orbit. The stone kept him from suffocating immediately but the rope was still a problem.

The fury of the demon lord was somewhat spent. Though he enjoyed slaying mortals and hearing their dying screams, Graz’zt was anxious to return to his domain and assess the situation there. He left the prime in a flash of fire and smoke. The guards from other parts of the city had been mobilized and were beginning pour into the the square. Though many were still fleeing, a great number of the civilians had escaped the square allowing the soldiers to close in around the companions. Some of them were the palace guard who had magic weapons and armor.

Though it was mighty, the great water buffalo was quickly cut down by the combined power of the Kompanions. Having lost his mount, Gibron flew back up into the air. From behind him, an ice storm spell struck Akbar’s prismatic sphere dispelling a layer of the spell. Looking to see where the spell had come from, Akbar saw a half dozen men in the uniform of Gibron’s army flying by magical means toward the battle. One had cast prismatic sphere, one had a wand at the ready and the other four were armored and bearing weapons. Akbar noticed the imp that had been delivering messages to the Kompanions for the last month was flying with the group as well.

The four soldiers flew directly for the Great One. He seemed to know them and looked pleased. He had been battered by the mighty Rexor and these reinforcements were welcome. The four soldiers barely slowed as they grabbed ahold of their god and ripped the scarlet robes from his body. The wizard king made immortal by the powers of Chaos fell screaming from several hundred feet in the air. His body made a terrible crunching sound as it hit the paved square below. The rope fell away from Rexor’s neck. A cry of despair came up from the soldiers and followers of the Great One.

Their god was dead!

The wizard approached, his identity hidden by the prismatic sphere. Akbar and the wizard agreed to dismiss their enchantments and parley. They did so. Akbar was looking at his twin brother.

In a moment, Akbar’s amnesia fell away. He remembered being captured by the soldiers of Gibron and enslaved as children to become soldiers in the army of the demigod. He remembered he and his brother vowing to free their people from the tyranny of Gibron. He would go west seeking the power to fight the demigod. Yazid would give himself to the service of the Shadow Lord, rise through the ranks and undermine the immortal when he was most vulnerable.

And so the spell of Gibron was ended. What happened after is another tale…

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