An Excerpt from the Journal of Odelbert of Silverside, apprentice sage

3rd Day of Weed Moon 

I have come to this filthy backwater on the request of my lord. His wife, only daughter of the late Lord Tancred who was usurped by Lord Amalric, believes that a family heirloom that came into possession of the usurper Amalric. It is not surprising that Lady Proxima was fostered among the fine folk of Silverside. This dung heap would not have bred such a noble and gentle lady as she. 

Since I am but an apprentice sage, my master felt it would benefit my education to negotiate with the lord for this trifle. Though a precious thing to her; it is no doubt a mere piece of booty to the barbarian that sits in the hall of Lord Tancred. I have been given sufficient funds to ransome the ring and should be back home before the full of the Weed Moon. The heat is dreadful and the insects in this wretched place are thick. The reek of the swine offends my nasal passages. The many sheep folds of Silverside do not have the stench of this place.

7th Day of Weed Moon

The Lord Amalric was defeated in battle several weeks ago and is only now limping with the remainder of his men back to the keep. It seems that his wizard was slain by Lord Willem’s men. He has been deep in his cups and Sir Hugh, the steward, has kept me from him. 

15th Day of Weed Moon

I have been here for several weeks longer than I have intended. I hoped to have concluded my business and be on my way. The lord of this cess pit is drowning himself in ale.

Word has come that a dragon has taken up residence on the ancient high road and the traffic has had to detour through this town. Amalric’s unpaid mercenaries have turned to banditry on the roads between Willems Town  and Hogwater. It is said they murdered the garrison of one of the watchtowers and took the guard post as their base.

The company has improved with the merchants and their caravans. Still, I have made no progress in acquiring the ring the lady desires.

23rd Day of Weed Moon

I was finally able to meet with the steward, Sir Hugh. At least there was someone in the keep with noble bearing. Sir Hugh is a fine example of knighthood! 

It seems Amalric gave the ring to someone in his employ. The lord needs the coin to rebuild his army and would like very much to ransom it. He merely needs his master of the reckoning to check the ledgers so that they know who it was. He could not remember who received it. The ring was deemed a minor treasure. The ledger keeper was out collecting tax. I shall go in three days when he returns.

2nd Day of Bread Moon

The grain harvest has begun here. An innkeeper has come to town and set about converting a large barn into an inn. It has an odd feature. The head of some ancient statue has been sitting in the middle of town as long as anyone can remember. The barn was sited next to the head. Thus the new inn keeper has decided to call his premised The Big Head. He purchased an adjacent house and has allowed me to take up a room in it. 

I had a strange moment yesterday. I had completely forgotten why I was here. I read my journal entries and was reminded of my task. How odd. I must go see the Steward, I should be back in Silverside by now.

15th day of Bread Moon

The harvest is in and it was quite robust. Ale is plentiful but with the merchant’s detouring around the dragon, it has become quite expensive. Cecil has kept me well fed and the room in the new inn is quite cozy. My mind must be going. I am quite young and have continuously needed to review my journal to remind myself what I am here for. It really is quite distressing.

12th day of Blood Moon

There was quite a stir last night. Someone tried to murder lord Amalric. They say it was some wizard from Hablok hired by the merchants guild. A merchant’s guild master was murdered but the culprit was able to escape. This will certainly bring retribution. The guild masters were already angry that the dragon has not been dealt with. Travelling through Hogwater adds five days to their trip! 

15th day of Blood Moon

I have had a breakthrough! The kind hearted and ever helpful Cecil the inn keeper has helped me to remember why I am here. He referred me to Esmerelda. She is a devotee of the Grey Sisters. She was passing through on her way to Smudge from Woodhurst. After examining me, she ascertained I was under some sort of enchantment. It was making me forgetful. She was able to dispel it. 

I will write down the information that I have in case such an event occurs again.

I was sent here to recover a ring. It is a plain band of platinum. Though well wrought, it is not of any obvious value other than the precious metal. 

It was given to the Reeve of Hogwater by Lord Amalric for swearing loyalty when the usurper took over. 

The steward was able to determine this for me and was willing to negotiate its return. Both he and I have forgotten that any such conversation has taken place.

I must have a third party attempt to recover the ring.  This is all very puzzling.

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