“They” are Not Trying To Ruin Gaming

There are people who believe that “they” are trying to ruin gaming.

The people who believe this cite various examples of tweets, blog posts, message board forums, videos and games where “they” are trying ruin games and gaming.

Is it true? Are “they” consciously, actively trying to ruin gaming?

“They” want games and the gaming hobby to be better. Just like you do.

“They” think that there are other ways of going about it than you do.

Do you think that engaging in Twitter fights is going to make tabletop roleplaying games better?

Do you think calling people names, declaring their heresy, demanding their removal will make games better?

Perhaps empathy, kindness or merely making something and sharing it will make things better.

I could be wrong.

3 thoughts on ““They” are Not Trying To Ruin Gaming

    1. Hendrik Little

      No, ‘they’ would be going after other media *as well* as RPG’s. WHich they are. Films, television, books, computer games, online discourse, etc. All of these are undergoing increasing heavy-handed and polarising monitoring and modification, not to say outright spying, censorship and propagandisation.


  1. Censorship is an old art, beginning with the Catholic Church and extending on down through time to the Nazis. The attempts to “influence” media products are a convoluted form of censorship. Just because they don’t seek to outright ban the artwork (media product) doesn’t mean they’re not censorship. They seek to prune and eliminate, after all.

    — Catxman



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