Blog Summary for July 2021

July was the best month I’ve ever had for views and visitors. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my posts.

I am pleased and surprised by the reception of my 2E post. It produced the most views in a single day I’ve ever had on this blog. That one pushed July well over my previous best in views and visitors.

Thanks to Hipsters and Dragons, and Seed of Worlds for sharing links to my blog posts. I appreciate the support.

Added to the Sidebar:

Build a Better Story World podcast is from multimedia producer/designer Steele Tyler Filipek who has worked on major properties across a variety of entertainment media. It’s worth going to episode 1 and listening to every one of them. He provides a step by step process for writing engaging stories and creating story worlds. I haven’t had the time go through all of them myself but I’m going to be on vacation next week and have them all cued up to listen while I’m busy doing nothing.

Updated the Now page

I’ve picked some new followers on my social media accounts and some new subscribers to my email list. I was later than usual with this month’s newsletter.

I’ve started working on my next issue of Grumpy Wizard Quarterly. #3 will be about how I run high level Swords and Wizardry games at the table. #1 and #2 were about building campaigns and adventures for high level play. This time I’m writing about how I organize and manage the challenges of clever players with massive amounts of magic and hit points to spare. If you’d like to get a monthly newsletter from me with recommendations for comics, music, RPG’s and updates on my works in progress you can sign up HERE.

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