Hey Kids! Let’s Put On A Wrestling Tournament! : Dragon’s Bend Game Report 20

Atticus, Quintus, and Ozrick visit Oktar’s Town and put on a show.

Oktar’s town is built on a large mound next to the Deena River. The mound has been a campsite for the nomadic people of the steppe for a long time. There were holy stones near it’s center where the people had brought sacrifices to the gods and where their priests speak to the goddess Deena. She brings swiftness to their horses and taught them archery in the ancient days. She is deep in wisdom.

Oktar has recently taken to the notion that steppe people should build cities like the ancients. This notion seems to be paying off, for now.

He has built a temple at the site of the alter stones. Nearby he has had a long house and workshops constructed. A bridge is being built across the river to facilitate trade with the Draug. The river is slow and deep here and there is a good landing for boats. Trading caravans driving across the plain toward the west must stop here as it is the best route to reach the mountain passes in the west.

Not all the clans in the western part of the steppe think this is a good idea. One of Oktar’s erstwhile followers, Aglent, was driven out of the warband on the pretext of killing a relative of Oktar’s. Many traditionalists followed him east onto the deep steppe. They have been raiding some of the bands grazing their herds further away from Oktar’s town. There is grumbling from some of the warriors that something should be done about Aglent.

  • Atticus hands his body slave Clancy a shopping list and sends him off to hire more help, purchase uniforms, a fancy wagon and more luxury goods appropriate to Atticus’ status and standing.
  • The party buys a cask of wine (the best around, which is pretty bad) from some traders visiting the town.
  • They take their wine and find a camp as near to Oktar’s long house as the can. The closer to Oktar’s long house you are, the greater your honor and prestige.
  • As is the custom, the party bring a gift of wine to the fire and share it with the warriors who are assembled telling tales and trading news.
  • Their birdman friend from the east, Sam causes quite a sensation as he guzzles wine.
  • The party tells the warriors tales of their visits into the hypogeum. They find this very interesting as most warriors stay away from the hypogeum. Monsters emerge from the depths and few who enter there have ever returned from it’s dangers.
  • They learn the name of the wizard who has been serving Oktar; Nymandus. Nymandus is a foreigner from the western lands. Some of the warriors grumble that Nymandus has too great an influence over Oktar.
  • They want Oktar to take the warband out on the steppe to find Aglent and bring them to battle. Oktar resists their wishes.
  • The party carries the blacked out Sam back to their camp.

Many of the items Atticus wanted had to be fabricated and would take a few weeks to complete.

On their way to Oktar’s camp, the party had come across a pair of dogmen loyal to Farhat. They were sent to spy on the camp to see if they could determine where Farhat’s stolen magical tools were being kept and figure out a plan to get them back. Those tools would allow Farhat to tune the magical frequencies the redstone in Cullen’s sword and enhance it’s abilities. Hoping to help the dogmen, the party seek out Nymandus.

  • Atticus sends Clancy to Nymandus’s camp. There is a structure being built there. He presents a request to Nymandus’ servants. The party wishes to introduce themselves to Nymandus and trade some magical objects with him, if possible. The request is accepted and a meeting arranged.
  • Atticus, Quintus and Ozrick, along with their draug guard go to Nymandus’ camp. Before arriving, Ozrick casts detect magic so he can discover any wards and perhaps discover the hiding place of Nymandus’ magic devices.
  • It is roped off from the rest of the steppe warriors camps. A group of laborers were constructing a building. A large westerner with a wicked looking mace (radiating magical enchantment) watched over the work.
  • Several servants doing chores were bustling about. Another westerner with a pair of magic boots and a dagger was watching their work. Some steppe warriors were scattered about the camp keeping an eye on things.
  • The party met Nymandus outside his tent. Formal greetings and statements of hospitality made, the party entered Nymandus’ tent. It was well appointed with rugs covering the ground. A curtain partitioned the tent. No magic could be detected in the visible part of the tent. The other two westerners join the meeting.
  • The party trade a necromantic device they found in the torture chambers of the Empress’s Hypogeum. It is a flask that is cold to the touch and has glyphs of containment. Vitallis was not interested in it at all. Nymandus inspects it and decides to make a trade In exchange the party received a scroll with five third level spells and a hat of reading magic and languages.
  • The party has a set of magic leather armor they want to sell. Nymandus has no interest. One of his goons does but Nymandus insists that any negotiation for it is done when he is on his own time. The party tells him where their camp is and he agrees to come by later.

Later, Nymandus’ man comes by to look at the armor. Atticus uses charm and it works! The party questions the fellow and learn his name is Marcel. They also learn…

  • Nymandus fled from his home city in the west and can’t return until he has come up with a way to deal with his enemies there.
  • Marcel is an assassin and his partner Markus (the big guy with the mace) were hired by a merchant working on behalf of Nymandus. They are well paid in gold coin that Nymandus received from Oktar.
  • Nymandus keeps his wealth and magic in a chamber he had laborers dig in his camp. They put down a wood plank, a rug and Nymandus’ mattress lays over that. The camp is guarded day and night. Nymandus is often called to attend and counsel Oktar, (which he resents but knows where his interest lie).
  • The party play dice and are friendly with Marcel to keep the charm from being broken too soon.

The next night, the dogmen spies sneak into the party’s camp. A plan is hatched to provide the dogmen cover to steal Farhat’s magic back from Nymandus. The party will host a wrestling tournament and pay 500 sp for first prize. Quite a sum, even for one of Oktar’s warriors. You could buy a lot of sheep for 500 sp.

  • As they are trying to set up the tournament, the party runs into trouble. Oktar’s warriors are unwilling to allow it without someone important sanctioning it.
  • One of the most influential men in camp is Janos, Oktar’s uncle (his mother’s brother). Janos is the priest who oversees the temple of Deena and performs the sacrifices. The party meet him and offer to throw the tournament in honor of Deena. They will pay for the sacrifices. Janos is very pleased by this and agrees.
  • The tournament is on and Janos helps them promote it. Many warriors from around the camp join in the tournament.
  • It is to be a three day event.
  • Quintus participates and wins all his matches on the first day. He tosses his opponents out of the ring with ease.
  • Oktar and his warband show up. Nymandus is with him, looking very bored.
  • Quintus wins his matches on the second day and advances to the final day of wrestling.
  • Ozrick meets the dogmen and casts invisibility on them. As the tournament is taking place, they will sneak into Nymandus’ tent and steal back Farhat’s magic items.
  • Quintus losses a close match in the semi-finals.
  • The tournament goes well. Oktar and Janos come out onto the field to congratulate the winners and complement the party on the excellence of the event. The party notices Nymandus looking at them very closely but says nothing. They also notice Marcel is not present.

Four nights later, Marcel stops by the party’s camp to play dice. He is fresh out of a bath and in new clothes.

  • He says a pair of dogmen broke into the Nymandus’ stuff and he had to use his boots of flying to chase them down. They almost got away. It took a couple of days for him to pick up their trail. They gave him some trouble when he finally caught up with them but he managed to kill them and get the box back.
  • Nymandus was angry because he wanted one of them intact in order to question them but Marcel was not able to manage it.
  • They play dice and ponder their next move.

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