Music Review: Where Madness Dwells by IRONFLAME

Where Madness Dwells is an outstanding traditional metal album released by IRONFLAME. If you enjoy old school metal inspired by sword-and-sorcery then you should check this out.

I hadn’t been aware that there was a scene of traditional metal bands making albums until I came across an interview with Howie Bentley on DMR Books. I listened to his band Caldron Born and got a lot of enjoyment out it. After looking around for more music in the category I came across IRONFLAME.

This sounds much like Iron Maiden from the 80’s before they got into making long epic songs with meandering interludes. The riffs are catchy, Andrew D’Cagna vocals sound like Bruce Dickinson. The percussion gallops with an energy that can’t be denied.

The songs are clean and tight. The longest one is just over 6 minutes. There’s no messing about.
The groove is infectious and irresistable.

The sword-and-sorcery themes are present in the song titles and lyrics as well as the Frazetta style cover art by Mike Hoffman. The title track is a song about heroic adventures, Atlantean warriors and realms Where Madness Dwells; the soul of sword-and-sorcery. The combination of the muscular tunes, lyrics and imagery brings to mind axe swinging warriors and dark sorcery.

If you like old school metal, I recommend giving this album your attention.

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