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What I’m doing Now.

  • Weekly blog posts.
  • Monthly newsletters.
  • Running a weekly Swords and Wizardry Game I’m calling Dragon’s Bend.
  • Work In Progress: A sandbox setting that you can drop into your existing campaign, use as a campaign seed/starting point or chop up and use for parts. It’s a peasant village with the normal sort of people doing things you don’t expect. Working title is Hogwater: Village of Lies. Current word count…18,000.
  • Commissioning art work for Hogwater
  • Getting ready for Con on The Cob
  • Brainstorming article ideas for the next issue of Gary’s Appendix
  • Making YouTube videos. Currently working on a sandbox campaign series.
  • Strategery for 2023.

What I’m Playing

Swords and Wizardry Complete

What I’m Reading

Photos I’ve Taken Since My Last Update

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