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My day job is a shipping clerk in a warehouse for a company that manufactures diagnostic equipment for hospitals.

What I’m doing Now.

  • Weekly blog posts.
  • Running a weekly Swords and Wizardry Game I’m calling Dragon’s Bend.
  • Writing Grumpy Wizard Quarterly #3
  • Work In Progress: A sandbox setting that you can drop into your existing campaign, use as a campaign seed/starting point or chop up and use for parts. It’s a peasant village with the normal sort of people doing things you don’t expect. Working title is Hogwater: Village of Adventure Lies. It is where my last Swords and Wizardry campaign started. Much of the material comes from my home campaign and convention games I’ve run over the years. Email list subscribers can see a sneak peek.
  • Working through some instructional courses on

What I’m Playing

Swords and Wizardry Complete

What I’m Reading

Photos I’ve Taken Since My Last Update

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Created 2/26/2021