Plot Points Podcast Interview with John Tynes

This particular episode interested me greatly. John Tynes wrote Unknown Armies which many game designers talk about as one of the best RPG’s ever written or at least having an immense impact on them as designers. He primarily works in the video game industry these days. In the interview; he discusses the surprising influence his parents had on his career as a game designer; his experience of working collaboratively vs. solo on various RPG products; and much more!

At 26:55 he talks about his realization that delivering an emotional experience on the reader of the book is extremely important. Especially if the reader is the game master. He hopes that the GM will take the experience they had reading the book and bring it with them to the table and transmit it to the players.

This is something that I’ve been thinking alot about lately and I need to do some more digging around to see what game books I have which specifically talk to this point. I don’t really remember seeing the notion of using the word “emotion.” Sometimes game books will talk about invoking a mood or an atmosphere and the various techniques one can use to do that. I don’t trust my memory on this one so I’ll look into it and report back. In the meantime, I recommend this episode of Plot Points.

John Tynes website

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