House Rule: Healing

I use a death and dismemberment table for my Swords and Wizardry game. Part of how I use that is I decided that if you still have hit points then you haven’t yet received a life threatening injury. Hit points then represent your level of fatigue, little scratches bumps and bruises and your general ability to go on fighting or adventuring. When they hit zero hit points that’s when the fun begins. They roll on the table and find out what kind of injury they have, if it will result in a long term problem and how long it will take to heal. Characters can be out of commission for weeks without significant magical heeling. It is imperfect and abstract but it works.

This got me to thinking about rules for healing and if hit points don’t represent real significant injury then why should it take so long to recover. What I’ve decided is that it shouldn’t. A good night’s sleep means the character gets to roll one HD and recover that amount of hit points. The short rest/long rest differentiation in 5E is too fiddly and 1 hp per day doesn’t fit my game very well so I think this is a good compromise and the players seemed to like it last week. I expect it will stick around for a while.

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