Bone, Stone & Obsidian Podcast

I’ve been listening to some of the interviews on the Bone, Stone & Obsidian podcast about the Dark Sun setting. The most interesting of those has been the interview with Troy Denning. He was one of the designers who built the original setting and wrote the Prism Pentad novels shaped the setting to a great degree. What I found to be fascinating is how that setting came about. Upper management told them to come up with a new campaign setting and produce a tie in novel. The various staff designers made a list of creative constraints as a basis for the new setting. Troy Denning, Tim Brown and Mary Kirchoff met weekly for a year just coming up with concepts for the setting before any real writing was started. I won’t spoil the rest. For fans of Dark Sun it is well worth the listen.

The episodes have been coming slowly at around one a month. I hope they are able to keep going. It would be great if they could get Mary Kirchoff and Brom on the podcast to talk.


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