This is What Happens When You Think “Game”

Things that have happened in my current Swords and Wizardry campaign that I did not script. These are things that my players did or my response to what my players did at the table.  I didn’t plan or anticipate any of this in advance. It is simply what happened in the game. There’s lots more but here are some highlights.

  • An ox the party acquired from a wizard they killed turned out to be an augmented animal being used as a spy by a high level vivimancer. The ox is now the party’s mascot. They named him Kalador. They call themselves the companions of Kalador. They have named the fief they conquered Kaladoria. One of the players drew up a banner with an image of a rampant ox.Konpanions of Kalador Graphic By Brian Wynn (1)
  • The players organized the “Battle of the Bards” as a way to get the traveling musicians of the region to improve the reputation of a group of paladins that had helped the party.
  • Demon Armor: Armor that is actually a demon that you wear and can’t take off.
  • An important city in the campaign setting is almost constantly in a state of internal strife because one of the characters keeps having leading citizens assassinated while making it look like someone from a rival faction was responsible.
  • A major crime organization was taken down when the party sent a cursed magic item to its leader with a forged note from a high level wizard. The magic item is a statue that acts as a gate spell for a demon that devours magic items.
  • The party briefly took over the leadership of an army whose leader had been murdered by a betraying NPC. They convinced the army that the leader had been murdered by treachery of the city they intended to sack. This roused up the army which aggressively attacked and broke into the city. While the army was burning and pillaging, the party went straight to the city treasury, killed its protectors, looted the treasury, stole a ship and left before the rest of the army figured out what happened.

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