A Great Example

I’ve written recently about what I look for before I will support a crowdfunding campaign. Just a few days ago, a campaign that checks off all the boxes hit Kickstarter and I want to share it with you. It funded the first day it was live and has hit 10X its goal within 3 days. Apparently, others share at least some of my views about what makes a good campaign worthy of our support.

On Downtime and Demesnes is a book of tables and tools written by Courtney Cambell of Hack & Slash. It’s dropping in at a perfect time for me. The book itself is a set of tools for character down time activities. That is, things your characters are doing when they aren’t adventuring. My group has gotten to the level where they are starting to carve out their own little domain. This is exactly the sort of thing I could use to keep them moving.

Courtney has given backers early access to a no art preview PDF of the book that has all the content. Which goes to show just what kind of person Courtney is. You could back the project, check the book out and if it’s not for you, pull your pledge. The book contents are finished, he just needs money to put together the finishing touches. I’ve just started reading it so I don’t have a full review but I can see already it is going to be a very useful resource that I bring to my weekly game and consult in between.

I’ve been reading Hack & Slash for years. Courtney’s thoughts on game mastering have been a great influence over my approach. I’ve without doubt become a much better game master as a result of Courtney’s blog. I recommend looking through the index tab  on his blog. He has several of his better essays arranged by topic and He’s produced several free and inexpensive gaming supplements over the years. I have a couple of the PDF’s printed out and collected in binders. I use them frequently. His POD book on NPC’s has also been very useful.

If you run an old school game, this one is a no brainer. It will get published and deliver on time, the cost is extremely reasonable, you can get the electronic version for a dollar(!), if you are a backer you get the POD at cost, and it won’t sit on the shelf just being pretty (you’ll use this sucker). Click. Give your support to someone who has been giving a lot of excellent material away for free for years and has consistently delivered on his promises.

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