Super Short Game Report #1

  • Celebrated a complete year of campaigning in Swords &Wizardry game. We’ve played roughly, 40-45 sessions.
  • Beer, cider and ribs were consumed.


  • Party leaves previous week’s location having freed an efreet that had been imprisoned by some Githzerai in exchange for assistance in killing said Githzerai.
  • Very little was looted due to the use of two fireball spells in an enclosed space.
  • Party travels nearly 2 weeks across land. Have a random encounter with a wyvern… which gets chopped up by the demon armor wearing-four armed-beetle winged fighter with multiple magical weapons.
  • Party comes across a village of barbarian sheepherders and trade the news.
  • Party goes to their target site, the Shrine of Ossiam the Black.  Ossiam was a chaos monk who had a prosthetic metal fist thought to be a powerful magical relic.
  • Party finds the shrine. Have to do some excavating and use rock to mud spell to get in.
  • After avoiding some relatively obvious traps, defeating a strange spider like mechanical being whilst trying to reach a door in some sort of other plane of existence… the party gets the Fist of Ossiam. On the way out they have to rescue their wizard who is nearly trapped in a room with time operating at 1 second to 1 hour ratio.
  • Party travels through Whitemist, a city recently taken over by a high level vivimancer the party is on good terms with. They are concerned about the “thing” being grown in a netted area out in the lake.
  • Party travels to see Laski, a powerful wizard with some knowledge of artifacts and healing. The party wants Laski to cut the party monk’s hand off, heal him and fit the Black Fist of Ossiam onto the stump. Laski says hold on a moment and shuts the door.
  • A 12 foot tall iron golem comes out of the stables and the order of knights that Laski hangs with draw their swords to attack the pary.  (Laski lives in a castle owned by and order of knights protecting a temple of an important goddess).
  • At that point it was time to eat ribs so we called it a day.

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