Super Short Game Report #2

We finished the last session with the players being ambushed in the fortress of an erstwhile ally and friend Laski the mage and Porters of Gideon (a group of knights from Knowledge Illuminates by Tim Shorts)

  • The party bravely runs away, get back to where they parked their rocs and fly home.
  • The party speculates about how prepared the ambush seems to have been.
  • Desiring to put on the black hand of Ossiam the Chaos monk, a prosthetic acquired in the last session, the party decides to just do it without the assistance of a wizard
  • Since it’s new year anyway, the party makes an event out of it and the result looks like a Gwar concert. On the specially built platform you have a giant ox, in spiky plate barding, an insane wizard from the unknown foreign lands wearing a turban and a mask, the massive four armed, bug winged demon armor wearing warrior and the monk who looks like a homeless beggar most of the time.
  • The warrior cuts of the monks hand, the monk fits the prosthetic to his arm and makes an impassioned speech to the frenzied peasants.
  • They decide they want to assemble the Shadow Staff (a necromantic relic created by a fallen civilization with assistance from the demon lord of untimely death)
  • Needing an appropriate sacrifice (an innocent) the party decides they will do some economic sabotage of a local rival kill two birds with one stone. The party wizard and fighter will burn the ferries that is the primary source of income for the city (with their brazier of fire elemental summoning) while the chaos monk captures the son of an aristocratic family. There are a few minor hick ups but the party succeeds and escapes.
  • The party prepares for a long trip into the frozen north where the Temple of Bones and the reassembly of the Shadow Staff await them.
  • Also awaiting them is Laski, his iron golem, and the leadership of the Porters of Gideon.  They are hidden with hallucinatory terrain but the monk sees through it with one of his new abilities imbued in the Black Hand. Standing on a ledge on the ridge above, invisible, is the wizard Tarix (not so much an ally as he is a contractor with his own agenda) and his protector a chaos knight the party refers to as the Bud Knight.
  • The party swoops down on the Knights and blasts away with the wand of fireballs. Laski blasts back. After two of these exchanges- The wizard and the monk are out of the fight and nearly dead. Laski and the Knights are dead and the party is unable to assemble the staff due to the unconscious and severely burned state of the wizard.
  • A few of the party’s magic items provide regeneration but they have to retreat back to Vanessa’s Lament to recover and make future plans.

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