Why Aren’t You Studying? Game Report #5

These game reports are getting longer, not shorter. I think I’ll just call them “game reports.”


The Kompanions of Kalador, having dispatched a grell in exchange for passage through the lair of the Corrupted Ones, descended a short stair to a landing and an intersection. There was a spiral staircase at the end of a short hall. In the hall was some goblin grafitti of a stick figure in a pointy hat with some sort of zig zag lines come out of the figure’s hands. There was a circle of some sort of blue stone inlaid into the floor that glowed with a menacing light. And the other led off deeper into dungeon depths. The KoK, missing their wizard who was presumably studying the corrupted ones and their culture, opted for the stair.

Within they discovered a seemingly abandoned wizard’s school. There was evidence of recent traffic and recent death. Early in their exploration, a couple of corpses of adventurers wearing terrified visages and strange frostbite like injuries in the shape of a hand print. The party pressed on and discovered how to get past a locked door guarded by a stone golem without fighting the golem itself. After passing over a chasm, fighting a very large bat and a bit more exploration, the party resorted to using some charges from their chimes of opening to get past a few large stone doors which had been wizard locked.

Entering into the school proper, the party passed through a hallway of very life like statues depicting wizards in various poses and came to a door. It was open and within was an office lit by a luminescent fungi in a bowl. The fungi feeding on the dismembered hand of some hapless adventurer. In the large chair next the fungi was a skeletal figure, perusing a large tome. It looked up and motioned to the Kompanions and said, “Come come. Why are you not studying? You haven’t been at the tavern drinking and rolling the dice again have you?” It was quickly apparent to the party that this was a lich who was quite mad and believed them to be his students. He was pleasant, and free with information about the dungeons below Nightside. The party decided that in spite of his kindness, liches got get stitches and made a surprise attack on the undead wizard.

This went very poorly for the party. Within a few rounds of brutal back and forth combat; Rexor the great warrior, Stilgar the chaos monk and their henchman Einarr the Reluctant were paralyzed. Having only one option remaining, Stilgar utilized one of the most powerful tools in his arsenal. Bearing the powerful Silver Hand of Ossiam the Black, Stilgar is able to call upon the demon prince Volak once a month though he losses a portion of charisma in the bargain. Volak appeared just as the lich was about to finish off the Kompanions.

Volak takes many forms but his favored form is as a beautiful young man. He has curly blond hair, a pleasing symmetrical and athletic physique, pale flawless skin and calm bemused visage. He frequently appears completely nude, and did so in this case. Communicating telepathically with Stilgar, Volak easily swatted the lich with his powerful hand quickly ending the battle. Removing the paralysis from the party, Volak chuckled to himself and vanished back to his own errands.

The party did a little more exploring, looted some choice magical items and tomes and found another grell in a room full of treasures but decided that in their current state, it was not wise to fight such a beast and left the abandoned wizard school to try again another day.

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