The Center: Game Report #20

Rexor, Stilgar and their henchman Einar (the reluctant fisherman) were back in Nightside having escaped the bedlam caused by their assassination of the vivimancer Zoran. Rexor was sad that the Kompanions had killed the fellow but believes it was a necessary task for the good of the realm. Having taken some severe beatings from Zoran’s monstrous creations, the friends rested several days to heal up and restore their strength. As they took their repose, they managed to get an audience with the powerful wizard, Tarix.

They discussed with Tarix the downfall of Zoran and his special lady friend the lich, Zaya. When asked what he thought about the death of that pair, Tarix expressed some disappointment and concern. The Kompanions had recently learned that Githzerai had returned to their former fortress and were reestablishing the outpost. Tarix felt that the most potent ally the Kompanions had against the Githzerai would have been the late couple.

Pondering this, the Kompanions moved the conversation to a different topic. They had defeated the demodands guarding a door to a deeper section of the under city of Nightside. However, it was heavily enchanted and would require a wizard of some skill to dispel the magics placed on it. They asked Tarix if he would be interested in coming along and participating. Tarix was not interested in the least but recommended an elf wizard living in the Bread District named Geldor the Tactless.

Rexor and Stilgar headed off to the Bread District, an area of the city with several portals to planets that trade grain and other commodities with the merchants of Nightside. They found the place and rang the bell. Several minutes later an elf with abnormally small nose and modestly but neatly attired came to the door. Clearing his throat, the elf said, “My aren’t you an dreadfully bizarre pair. How may I be of service?” Stilgar and Rexor explained their need and after some lengthy negotiations where Geldor made the friendly observation that KoK were always trying to get something for nothing, he agreed to a 1/3 share of any treasure, first pick of any magic they found, plus expenses for scrolls and potions.

Heading out the next day, Rexor, Stigar, Einar and Geldor headed to the deeps of Nightside. The area that they had previously cleared had not been reoccupied as of yet but they remained cautious. Entering the great doomed room where they had battled the demodand, the party watched as Geldor cast dispel magic from some scrolls and spells he had prepared. It took quite a bit of doing but eventually, Geldor was able to remove the spells. The doors were finally open. A large corridor went before the party and quickly they were working their way down it. Geldor heard a slight click before a pressure plate released and a spring loaded plate slammed him into the ceiling nearly killing him. After application of several healing potions, the party went forward, albeit much more carefully.

The party came to a door and found it trapped. After several minutes of working out what the trap might be and how to avoid it, the party managed to drop a block of stone in the hallway behind them. No one was injured but the path back to the surface was blocked and would require some form of magic to escape. In the room beyond there was a safe. Carefully, Stilgar began turning a dial on the outside of the box with his ear pressed up against it, listening intently. He turned the dial a little too far and heard a crash of glass inside the box. Soon the box was being to creak and groan as if something was trying to escape the box. With hallway out blocked and the door impossible to shut, the party was in potentially bad situation. Fortunately, Geldor had just the spell and created a wall of ice to protect the party. Even with the cover of the ice wall, they took some damage. The explosion revealed a secret room below the floor and a new door down another corridor. Once the new door was opened a flickering purple light from an unknown source was revealed.

Rexor and Stilgar entered the corridor to see what they could learn of the space beyond. The corridor opened into the side of a large cavernous space the floor, ceiling and far wall of the room was not visible. Within the room were large boulders of indeterminate rock pulsing with the purple light. Several hundred feet away was a much larger boulder with a flat surface on it. Even from the corridor they could see it was heaped with treasure. Picking up Stilgar, Rexor flew out into the void and toward their objective.

Scan of a quick sketch I did as the party was exploring the large open area.

As they flew, walls of flame erupted in air in front of them. As they were nearly a hundred feet from the boulder they saw a cloud of shiny obsidian like shards of stone swirling above the pile of treasure. The closer they got, the more agitated the swirling storm of obsidian seem to grow. Not certain that they were up to taking on such a strange manifestation, Stilgar and Rexor left to try again another day.

Returning to where they had left their hirelings, Rexor and Stilgar found Geldor teaching Einar a card game. Helpfully, Geldor commented, “You’re still alive! Splendid! I thought perhaps we’d play a few hands and then leave but here you are!” Deploying their single use teleportation device produced by Tarix, the party returned to Villa Vigelum. Pondering the unknown guardian of the treasures at the center of Nightside, the Kompanions prepared to return to their keep back in the prime material plane. The Githzerai are a threat that won’t wait.

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