:Game Report #35

Having finally killed Pim and disposing of his remains in a fashion which would prevent him from returning from the grave; the Kompanions took their leisure back at Vanessa’s Lament. Akbar had locked himself away in his tower for several weeks. Dark chanting, loathsome shadows and strange smokes emanated from its windows as he performed his magics.

He came to the hall of the Kompanions and told them that there was a diminishing of the necromantic energies in the Dead Pass. During a battle a few hundred years ago, the negative energy had exploded from the shattered Shadow Staff and poured forth into the soil, and the rock and killed all the living things in that valley of horror. That energy had made all the fallen soldiers there into undead who had prevented the Shadow Emperor of the East from marching his dire armies through the pass. Any who fell in battle with the undead would quickly rise again to join the fight, making any attempt at invading the west a waste of resources. This energy had been dissipating since the Kompanions removed the staff and remade it in the Temple of Bones. The Emperor, a demi-god, had sensed this and began preparing to make war on the west once again.

Pondering this, the Kompanions decided that they would seek the treasure below Nightside. They acquired the potion of apathy that their potion supplier had been researching and producing on their behalf. Because the nixthisis, a monstrous Outsider, feeds on the most intense emotions of sentient creatures, the potion might protect them from its most terrible powers. The Kompanions descended The Shaft into the dungeons below the city. Finding the area they had previously travelled to be free of monstrous incursions, they continued to an area that had once been guarded by a demodand. The large domed room no longer existed and instead there was a strange scene some sixty feet below.

A large open space, full of stinking mud and a yellow fog spread out before them. Two zombie like creatures were standing on some wooden crates near the center of the room. They were wearing tattered grey uniforms and oddly shaped helms. There were tangles of barbed wire wrapped around them. Deciding violence was the best policy, Akbar used his wand of fireballs to torch the creatures. They withstood the blast and then another. A third finished the job. The Kompanions were somewhat concerned by the fact it took three fireballs to destroy the undead here.

Finding treasure, much of it melted into a lumpy puddle of gold and silver, the Kompanions observed several paths they might take. One was very cold and had just a dusting of snow. Another was through a tunnel into a strange room which had teeth affixed to every surface of the room; walls, floors and ceiling were completely coated with teeth. Moving past this area without delay, the party came into a side chamber filled with a ghostly fog. Coming out of that fog were a group of primitive apelike humanoids with simple axes and bows. The looked about in a confused state, as if they did not understand where they were how they had gotten there. Rexor used the ring of telepathy to communicate with the creatures. After telling them where they were and what the Kompanions were doing there, the apemen agreed to come with the Kompanions. The beastmen hoped they could win glory in battle against the being that had brought them there against their will. Deciding to investigate the fog a little more, the party walked into it. Everyone felt a tingling sensation for a moment but otherwise were fine. As they found a back wall to the room, it was observed that Einar the Reluctant Fisherman was no longer present.

The Kompanions used their ring of the djinni to summon the djinni Esmael who was bound to respond to the call of the ring. It took some time but the djinn did finally arrive, complaining that they had been difficult to locate. They commanded the djinn to find their friend Einar and bring him back. The djinn bowed, sighed and left in a swirl of wind.

The party passed through several more rooms of strange sights. A room lined by tall stained glass windows. Where the light struck bare skin, it stained it the color of the light. The apemen walked through it with amazement as their flesh became a swirl of different colors. Stilgar decided to make him self red so that his nickname would be literal. Rexor and Akbar covered up and passed through the room unpigmented.

Another room nearby had a dozen children being whipped by a hulking lizard man. When using the telepathy ring to probe their thoughts, Rexor was asked what he would do in the case of a particular philosophical moral dilemma. Sensing a trap, Rexor backed out of the room and the Kompanions carried on. Onward they went, through a room full of hanged men with the apemen in the lead.

Up ahead, the apemen started hooting and calling to one another. They surged forward axes raised and teeth bared. The Kompanions rushed after them into a temple. In the center of the room was a dias, upon which there was a statue depicting a horrifying creature constructed of the limbs of humanoid beings joined together. Before the stuatue was a man dressed in robes and as pale as a corpse, worshiping the idol. In the room was also two very large mantis like insectoid monstrosities who did not take to the intrusions of the Kompanions. The insectoid creatures had spread their wings which swirled and scintillated with color. Most of the the apemen stopped in their tracks, stood staring at the insectoid creatures and then turned to attack their fellows. A few of the apemen did not fall prey to the hypnotic colors of the insectoid monsters and were cut down by their fellows.

Akbar cast haste on his friends as the melee between the apement played out in the temple. As the spell took effect, Rexor and Stilgar charged into the battle. Rexor fighting the insect beings and the charmed apemen. Stilgar went after the undead creature on the dias. The undead creature had potent magic ability with which it attempted to disintegrate the Red Monk. He was able to shake off the spell casting attempt and unleashed his fists upon the creature. Akbar was engaged in the melee with the apemen as well. The Kompanions managed to win the fight with little difficulty through their luck and skill. Their new apeman friends had been completely wiped out. Akbar animated the dead apemen and they lurched back to un-life as zombies. A group of hill giants had been drawn by the noise of battle from another side passage and the Kompanions had to deal with them as well.

As they were searching the room, there came a swirling whirlwind carrying Einar who stood upright, chest puffed out and fists on hips flying through the air in a pose triumphant. They asked him where he had gone and said that he had been transported to a dying forest on some far off world. The djinni again complained that it had been very difficult to locate him and that’s why it took so long. The djinn was dismissed and the Kompanions dealt with a few magic traps they had uncovered as well as a substantial treasure trove.

Moving on, the party passed through the room where the giants had been living. It had a number of shelves made of flimsy metal and many of them had odd devices made of shiny steel and a brittle and bright colored material none of the Kompanions had seen before. There was an odd magical light coming from the ceiling from long glass tubes. A soft and terribly bland music emitted from an unknown source. Thinking this to be a place of great evil, the party moved on.

One side passage led to a grotto filled with the scent of spices. A pleasantly warm wind blew into their faces and an emerald green sea splashed gently on a beach within the grotto. Pulled up on the beach was a boat, complete with sails and rigging. Einar said it was a fine ship and seaworthy. The Kompanions ignored it and returned back to where they came. Turning up an as yet unexplored passage, finally they arrived in the place that they had been searching for. The lair of the nixthisis.

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