Recruiting/Shopping in Nightside: Game Report 40

I’m going to go back to the original format for these posts. They are mostly for the players in my game. I might as well make it easy on myself.

  • The Kompanions decide to pay the various lords and rulers so they can get the troops they need to buy themselves enough time to go take down the Shadow Lord.
  • Rexor, Stilgar and Einar go to Nightside to check on Villa Vigilum and see if Nightside is still there.
  • The three travel by roc to the Temple of Chaos and walk the Hall of Infinite Doors
  • Nightside has had significant damage but whatever happened is over and repairs are underway.
  • Villa Vigilum is intact.
  • The Kompanions raid Akbar’s tea and wine stash and go visit Tarix bearing gifts
  • Tarix tells the Kompanions that “certain powers” in Limbo were bargained with to maintain Nightside.
  • Nightside was breaking up and a number of random Chaos events occurred causing damage.
  • Tarix tells them about the Shadow Lord. He was a human wizard once, served the Chaos god Ba’ratha, Ba’ratha gave him power and immortality and he was conquering along with the agreement that he would be ruler over everything, but then he realized that when his conquest was over, there wouldn’t be anything left but a smoking cinder and that was a bad deal, he abandons his alliance with Ba’ratha and goes rogue, forces of Law made deals with the Shadow Lord to limit Ba’Ratha’s ability to act directly in the world. Ba’Ratha ended up making deals with the Porters of Gideon and other kings in the west to help them contain the Shadow Lord but were unable to defeat him entirely.
  • Stilgar goes around the artisans district hiring craftsmen to move to Vanessa’s Lament. Pays out big sums of coins to get masters. Hires two wizards that specialize: Lucanus: potion maker, Gamel: armorer and enchanter
  • Akbar is working on the teleport portal that will allow the Kompanions and allies to march troops through to Castle Fuligin directly from Vanessa’s Lament; cutting travel from one month+ to mere moments.
  • Feeling curious, Rexor, Stilgar and Einar go to see what is going on with Crux the Artificer (weird biomechanical humanoid they traded some adamantium too). The entrance to his part of the undercity is intentionally closed off. They open it up and go down. Their first encounter with Crux’s worker constructs is that they are idling. Covered with dust. The next room has “warrior constructs” which activate and attack. Soon the workers activate and attack also. They have a battle in a three way intersection with machines come from every direction. Defeat the machines. Find another bigger machine and destroy that. Find a room with a bunch of black bricks. Figure out they are some sort of energy source, kind of like coal. Grab a bunch of the blocks and put them in the bag of holding.
  • The Kompanions round up their new artisans and craftsmen, go through the Hall of Infinite Doors, fly everyone back to Vanessa’s Lament on roc back, have their army which has been training and building up at the Temple of Chaos march to Vanessa’s Lament.

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