Round 2 with Zeyad: Game Report 41

  • Akbar completes the portal at Vanessa’s Lament
  • Forces of the west are still gathering but New Kaladonia’s forces are ready and start heading to Castle Fuligin via the portal
  • The Kompanions go through and see a battle is underway. The Death Knights (Arus, Mithos and Varus) and assorted undead VS. General Zeyad and his officers and apprentices, a couple of earth elementals
  • Akbar casts Haste, invisibility 10′ radius, fly –and the Kompanions join the fight
  • Rexor and Stilgar go fight the apprentices, who are protected by invisible stalkers
  • Akbar casts prismatic sphere
  • Rexor and Stilgar kill the apprentices
  • Zeyad casts prismatic sphere and his personal guard attack Rexor
  • Death knights casts some spells leave the wall to destroy the elementals
  • Stilgar gets hit with power word, blind and is out of the fight
  • spells traded back and forth to remove layers of prismatic sphere both Zeyad and Akbar become susceptible to missile weapons
  • Zeyad’s support getting wiped out and retreats back toward lines of regular troops
  • Kompanions follow but stay back out of missile range and return back to Castle Fuligin

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