Four Down: Game Report 42

  • The Kompanions regroup behind the walls at Castle Fuligin
  • Akbar dispells Stilgar’s blindness and Rexor chugs healing potions
  • Akbar recasts prismatic sphere then goes on a casting spree> Monster summoning VII > Monster summoning VII > Monster summoning VI > Monster summoning VI
  • The soldiers of Kaladonia are taking up positions on the walls of guarding the pass, directed by Pompous Maximus.
  • The same imp that had showed up before delivers another message. “Zeyad’s brothers are coming. Prepare for two more powerful wizards.”
  • The enemy is setting up catapults and scorpions as Zeyad summons four earth elementals, then casts wall of stone twice to provide a defensive barrier for the catapults.
  • Akbar casts invisible stalker 3 times and sends them to attack the catapults.
  • Stilgar still has fly active and is invisible. Stilgar flies above Zeyad to put the wizard between himself and enemy’s scorpions (really big crossbows on a tripod mount). This occurs while the various castings are going on. Starts shooting his crossbow at Zayed who is surprised but keeps casting. It’s impossible to see if the bolts are having effect on Zeyad. He still has several layers of prismatic sphere active but should be vulnerable to the bolts. Einar is invisible and flying the carpet near by.
  • Rexor is a little shy of combat having been knocked down quite a bit in the previous combat. Decides to shift into the ethereal and get close to Zeyad.
  • After several missile attacks against him that go unanswered, Zeyad succeeds in dispelling Stilgar’s fly spell. Stilgar plummets but gets absurdly lucky. Einar flies the carpet close enough that the monk is able to grab onto it with one hand and avoid plunging to his death 300′ below. Stilgar is dangling from the edge of the invisible carpet with his crossbow in the other hand*.
  • The invisible stalkers cut the rigging on the catapults. Akbar casts meteor swarm on the elementals
  • Zeyad blasts Stilgar and Einar with a big fireball but immediately gets sliced and diced by Rexor who has returned from the ethereal plane inside of Zeyad’s prismatic sphere. Zeyad’s magic fails and his body drops to the earth. The Kompanions head back to the walls.
  • Morale in the enemy fails and they are trying to escape but the pass it too narrow and they are piling up and trampling over the fallen.
  • The first summoned monster shows up. It’s a purple worm. Akbar sends it after the enemy. After that is a Fire giant, two frost giants and two hill giants. Slaughter ensues.
  • The Kompanions are hanging behind the walls when major magic starts lighting up the monsters Akbar summoned. Akbar refreshes invisibilty where necessary. Raises some minor undead with the Shadow Staff and sends them after the routing army.
  • Rexor, still hasted flys invisible ahead of everyone else. Rexor attacks one of the wizards, cuts off a leg and sends him tumbling down the side of the gorge. The other one blasts the last summoned frost giant with a fireball.
  • Rexor goes ethereal as a fireball slams into the cliff face. Everyone is showing up as Rexor reappears next to where wizard #2 had been but it turns out he used some sort of dimension door ability to get to the corpse of his fellow wizard. Wizard #2 fires off a meteor swarm at Rexor and catches Akbar with some blow back.
  • Stilgar hasted, runs over and punches wizard #2 as he is teleporting away. Stilgar avoids being teleported and probably kills wizard #2. The wizard did manage to recover the staff his ally had been carrying.
  • The Kompanions are low on hit points, spells and though they could probably slaughter thousands, they are concerned that the Shadow Lord or the last remaining general, Yazid, show up and they would be in real trouble. They return back to the castle. Soon after they receive another message via imp.

*The players have had ridiculous luck with dice rolls in this campaign. This is one more example. I ruled that the NPC henchman Einar had to roll 5D6 and if the combined roll was under his Dex he would get close enough to Stilgar that the monk could use his monk ability to grab onto the carpet. Einar happened to be wearing a pair of gloves of dexterity the party had given him a while back so his DEX is 18. I roll 5D6 and three dice come up “1”. Stilgar is dangling by his finger tips. I had Stilgar’s player roll to see if he held onto the crossbow, and he did. Crazy fun.

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