Monster: Armor Demon

The Armor Demon is a minor demon that takes the form of armor. It is not a demon bound into a suit of armor.

When encountered, the demon looks like a sinister suit of armor. Each armor demon is unique. Some will look like armor made from the chiton of a giant insect. Some will look like the scales of a dragon or large snake. Others will appear like black lacquered steel plates with spikes. 

A Detect Chaos or Detect Evil spell will reveal it is chaotic or evil but will not reveal that the armor is actually a demon. A wizard, cleric or sage may be able to determine that the armor is a demon in a peculiar form with magical means such as true sight or through study from an appropriate tome of lore. 

The demon will not reveal that it is a demon. It will pretend to be a magical, sentient suit of armor and attempt to convince a warrior to put it on. The demon can communicate telepathically with any creature within line of sight. It will tell lies, rationalize and use any and all encouragement it can think of to get someone to wear it. Anyone wearing the demon will be detected as evil/chaotic. 

A Paladin putting the armor on immediately loses Paladin status and becomes a normal fighter. 

Once donned, the demon cannot be removed unless a remove curse spell is cast on it. This can obviously be a problem, particularly if the specific armor demon has taken on a significantly alien form. 

The armor demon worn by the mighty Rexor of the Kompanions of Kalador, caused him to have a bipedal insectoid appearance. This caused him to be famous and feared but it was impossible for him to go about incognito. 

The armor has the following properties:

Armor Class as magical full plate +2

Fire Resistance: Normal fire has no effect at all on the character. A character hit by magical fire will only take 1 point of damage per die of damage

There may be other powers or abilities unique to an individual demon. 

Like all demons, it desires to bring the soul of a victim to the abyss so that it may be elevated to a higher state of existence and end its time as a servant to a mortal. An Armor Demon, is a demon who’s been demoted for poor performance. The demon has been given an opportunity to prove its value by bringing but a single soul to the Abyss.  The demon will frequently encourage the wearer, via telepathy, to perform chaotic acts. The armor demon will encourage the wearer to undertake very dangerous acts likely to get the character killed. 

“Attack! That hill giant is a clumsy oaf. I will protect you!”

“Are you going to take that kind of disrespect? I don’t care if he’s the emperor! No one talks to us that way. His guards are pathetic. Those swords are mostly decorative. Smack “his highness” like the child he is!” 

If the mortal wearing the demon dies, they are immediately sent to the Abyss body and soul. Anything on their person at the moment of death goes with them and they cannot be rescued or recovered except by extraordinary means.

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