Game Report: Dragon’s Bend Session No. 6

I didn’t take very good notes this week. Some of my recollections are a little muddy. The sequence of event may be incorrect.

The party rested outside of the mound where they had nearly died. Since most sentient creatures of the steppe feared and avoided the mounds and their unquiet spirits, the party decided it was the safest place to heal up.

  • Akiro cast cure light wounds on Cullen while he and the others rested up. It took three days to get back to full HP.
  • The runaway slave joined the party as a PC. He is a fighter named Durfin.
  • Akiro took a couple of shots at the carrion crawler attempting to grab the bait that Cullen had staked out. He hit but did not kill it.
  • The party sees a campfire far out on the steppe but no one bothers them.
  • The party inspected the other side room off of the chamber they had been investigating. It was a mirror of the other room. This one had a pile of gold nuggets.
  • Atticus cast detect magic and the nuggets detected as magic. He collected them up.
  • Atticus used locate object to seek out gold. He sensed there was gold at the very edge of his ability to detect. It was deeper in the mound.
  • After some searching in the main chamber, the party found a secret door. It led to a stair going down.
  • At the bottom of the stair was a large chamber with a sarcophagus a door on the left and on the right.
  • Several party members tried to open the door on the left without success. Durfin managed it easily.
  • In the room was a bronze short sword floating, tip down in mid air. On the pommel of the sword is a bit of red stone. Cullen enters the room and becomes engulfed and paralyzed by a gelatinous cube.
  • Atticus uses a torch to burn the cube. Durfin lashes his grappling hook to the end of his spear and uses it to hook onto Cullen and drag him out of the cube.
  • Cullen is in terrible shape and has lost an eye, and some of his gear. Akiro manages to prevent him from dying with first aid and uses cure light wounds to get him back to 1 HP. Cullen remains conscious but done adventuring for the day.
  • While they are there Durfin and Atticus inspect the other door. Durfin again opens the door easily. Inside is an alter with a bronze circlet.
  • While Cullen is healing up, Atticus returns to the mound and uses read languages to inspect the sarcophagus and the bronze circlet. He learns the man in the stone coffin is called the Midnight King and his queen and sons are buried in the other mounds. He had some power over the undead and was some sort of necromancer. There are other magic symbols on the coffin that he does not understand.
  • The bronze circlet seems to have nothing to do with the Midnight King. It is clearly a symbol of some other king but it isn’t clear who. This place is very ancient, older than anything Atticus learned about in his studies at the Temple of Hazud.
  • Atticus takes the circlet and is nearly crushed as he sets off a trap that causes the room to collapse. He gets clipped as he leaps out of the room but escapes with his life and his prize.
  • Cullen heals up after several days of Akiro’s spell casting and they go back into the mound.
  • The party take pairee grass, the dried dung they use for their fires and some pitch Cullen had to make an improvised incendiary. The take it to the room where the gelatinous cube is holding on to the sword and throw the ball of flammables at the thing. Akiro casts produce flame to light it on fire.
  • Durfin and Cullen use torches they’ve attached to their spears to burn the cube. They destroy the thing and recover the sword. Cullen feels good about the weapon when he picks it up. It isn’t clear what it does but they are certain it has some magic.
  • The party decide to leave the sarcophagus alone and search for secret doors. Durfin finds the door and opens it. It is a large slab of stone that takes several hours to pry out of the wall. In the room are the decayed remains of a large quantity of grave goods and some ceramic pots with gold and silver coins. The hirelings remove the pots as Akiro inspects the room and watches over their efforts. When four of the six pots have been removed, a trap is triggered. Akiro and two of the hirelings are crushed under tons of rock.
  • The party digs out their friend, the hirelings and the remaining treasure. They give Akiro a proper burial on the steppe and return with their loot to Dragon’s Bend.
  • On the way back, they encounter some of Oktar’s warriors looking for their enemy Aglent. The party says they saw some a few days ago headed west. The warriors thank the party for the information and go in that direction. They also encounter a party of dog men howling in the dark, letting everyone know where they were but kept their distance.
  • They sell their treasure to Ballassa and meet a wizard named Akira. He is Akiro’s brother who had come looking for the druid.

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