Dragon’s Bend Session 7

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Atticus and Cullen decide to take some the magic devices to Vitallis to get them identified.

  • Before they leave Dragon’s Bend, Atticus and Cullen hire a pair of warriors, and some laborers. Also they purchase some gear, horses and a barrel of salted fish.
  • Heading toward Vitallis’ compound, the party encounter a herd of antelope along the way.
  • As they are nearing the valley, a pair of Aglent’s warriors are seen leaving. The party tries to catch up with them but the pair speed away.
  • Cullen and Atticus meet with Vitallis and ask him about the wards on the sarcophagus of the Midnight King, healing magic, more specific information about Empress Zelaya’s magical healing fountain and if he can identify the magic items they found in the mound of the Midnight King.
  • Vitallis tells them the wards are common on old burials. The ancients were concerned (with good reason) that individuals who were powerful in life and died from violence would return from the grave. The wards prevent them from escaping their burials. It is likely that the Midnight King was buried with many valuable objects.
  • The glurm named Arpad (a frog-man ascetic) who lives along the north bank of the river Deena and east of Dragon’s Bend makes and sells healing. In fact, Arpad is one of the few healers in the area.
  • Vitallis says it will take him a few days to identify the objects and cost 100 gp each. The party may camp on his land if they wish. In two days, they come back to Vitallis’ garden to find out what the objects are.
  • The diadem and sword were probably trophies taken by the Midnight King from some rival. The diadem gives its wearer greater wisdom. The sword is a magic weapon and it’s most important power is that it gives courage to the followers of the wielder. Vitallis also indicated that the magic worked on the sword was quite primitive and the red stone was being underutilized. He was not particularly clear about what he meant about that and was somewhat cryptic in his explanation.
  • From there the party went back to the burial mounds.
  • Cullen killed a marmot and left it out to draw the carrion crawler once again.
  • After waiting a day for the crawler to take the bait, it finally returned and the party ambush and kill it.
  • The party enter the tomb, of the dawn prince. The ceiling is caved in and requires some excavation.
  • After digging and carefully propping up the ceiling the party is able to work through the hole to the rest of the room beyond.
  • They search the chamber and find a secret door leading to a tomb.
  • Cullen and Atticus enter the tomb. Find a sarcophagus and inspect it. It doesn’t have the kind of wards the Midknight King’s coffin had so they decide to risk it. Atticus removes the lid and Cullen is prepared to take down an undead monster. It’s fine. There is a skeleton buried with some nice jewelry. They loot the dead and return to the surface.

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