Dragon’s Bend Game Report No. 8

Cullen the ranger took a walk out onto the steppe to commune with nature. Ozrik the wizard and Dufin the fighting man caught up with Atticus priest of Hazud god of stories and song.

  • Ozric and Dufin decide they will try the tomb of the Meridian Lord when the door opened at noon. Atticus didn’t want to be trapped and opted to avoid that situation while the others went in to do a quick inspection.
  • At the bottom of the stairs they came to a large chamber with four doors and a well.
  • Ozric and the two men at arms were standing around as Dufin looked into the well.
  • Dufin heard chittering and scrabbling behind him. When he turned to look a giant spider was coming down the stairs.
  • Ozric heard Dufin shriek and yell, “Spider!” Dufin looked like he was going to jump down the well. Ozric saw nothing but grabbed Dufin as he was about to jump.
  • The giant spider had leapt next to Dufin and had its giant fangs gripped around his waist. Dufin hit it with his torch.
  • His hair on fire, Ozric let go of Dufin.
  • The two hirelings grabbed him and held him down. Dufin shrieked in terror and passed out.
  • Having spent about 15 minutes in the tomb, Dufin was carried out by the hirelings as a smoldering Ozric followed after. Atticus was sunning himself nearby as the four returned to the light.
  • The laborers proceeded to work on breaking down the door when it closed again.

A few days later…

  • The workers broke through the stone slab.
  • The party went into the tomb of the Meridian Lord.
  • The chamber they entered had 5 doors. Two on each side and one on the opposite end of the stairs.
  • There were four rooms on the long side of the chamber. Each had a sarcophagus. Something inside the coffins radiated magic according to Ozric’s detect magic spell.
  • The party decided to disrupt one of the sarcophagi and the corpses in all four animated. They were tough warriors in bronze armor with bronze swords. One of the hirelings was foolhardy and stood forth blocking the path of the skeletons. They cut him down with barely a pause. The party retreated up the stairs to funnel the skeletons. Only one could fight at a time.
  • After some considerable back and forth, they defeated the skeletons.
  • The party opened the fifth door and found a room with another sarcophagus and jars of treasure. After a very careful inspection, the party decided to tie a rope to the lid of the sarcophagus and pull it off. The corridor to the tomb collapsed.
  • The diggers got to work and a day later the party was able to remove the treasure without further incident.

Ozric and Dufin opted not to wait for the diggers and entered the Tomb of the Dusk Queen.

  • Instead of opening into a larger chamber like the other tombs, this one became a passage leading to a door.
  • As Ozric and Dufin enter the haul they hear what sounds like…a party. Music, singing, laughing.
  • They go back up the stairs.
  • The laborers break down the door and the party goes down together.
  • Atticus listens at the door and records the song being sung by the performers.
  • They open the door and there is a scene of a feast. Six men set on benches drinking and eating. Three minstrels play music as a woman dances. Atticus throws a rock at one of the warriors and the illusion is broken. Six skeletal warriors with bronze daggers attack. The party defeats the skeletons.
  • Atticus uses his magic to find a secret door, which is on the other end of the hall opposite the room.
  • Within is the sarcophagus of the Dusk Queen and jars with jewelry.
  • The party takes the treasure and she animates. As they retreat she attacks and hits Atticus draining some of his constitution.
  • They find that they are unable to harm her and Atticus’ attempt to turn her fails. They retreat, hastily.
  • One of the adventurers drops his haul. She stops and gathers it up as they retreat.
  • It is mid day and she doesn’t follow them very far into the sunlight.
  • The party travels toward Vitallis’s mansion and keep going through the night. They rest the next morning, exhausted from their travels.
  • They travel again the next night and nearly reach the compound. As they go into the sorcerer’s valley, one of the laborers says he thought he saw a lone figure profiled on hill following behind them, some miles away.
  • They arrive at Vitallis’s mansion and explain the situation.
  • Vitallis agrees to destroy the undead thing in exchange for right of first refusal if they loot anything from the Hypogeum of Empress Valeya. They agree.
  • Vitallis casts a fly spell and goes off to find the wight. He does, fireball from above and returns. This takes several hours.
  • They go back to the mound, gather up their abandoned gear and check the Tomb of the Dusk Queen. She had returned her jewels back to the tomb. The party grabbed the loot and head to Dragon’s Bend.

The party returns to Dragon’s Bend. On the way they see some of Aglents riders, a relatively large pack of dog-men and a trail of a large movment of people and their herds.

The party learns news of the recent events in Dragon’s Bend. The warlord Aglent has moved his people and herds to the south east away from Oktar’s Town. Fishermen are reporting there are now TWO water trolls troubling them on the river.

The party takes their leisure as they prepare to travel down river to visit the frogman ascetic Arpad. Arpad is said to have healing powers and sell a balm that is good for wounds.

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