Game Report: Dragon’s Bend Session 9

The Party: Ozric the wizard, Cullen the Ranger, Atticus Priest of Hazud, Dufin the warrior

The party decides to visit Arpad the Glurm (a type of frog-folk) to see if they can buy some healing materials.

  • The party hires some fisherfolk to take them over the river Deena so they can walk the half day to Arpad’s hut.
  • They arrive at the healer’s hut, there are a number of wind chimes making pleasant music in the breeze but no Arpad.
  • Cullen goes off into the forest to find honey and succeeds. He comes back bearing his bounty in a sack.
  • After a few hours, Arpad returns with some fish. He cooks the fish for the group and they sit talking around the fire.
  • Ozric asks if Arpad can tune Cullens sword. Arpad says his cantomancy (magic made with singing) is not the same kind of magic as used on red stone. That’s dogman magic. Arpad says he can’t hear those sounds but dogman wizards can. (Cullen is confused about this notion. #1 He hates dog-men #2 Do frogmen have ears?)
  • Arpad tells them that there is a dog-man wizard who lives in the above ground ruins of Zeleska’s Hypogeum.
  • Arpad sells them some blood root powder (stops bleeding, +2 to first aid roll) and healing balm (1/2 time needed to heal a wound)
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The party goes to Dragon’s Bend, gathers their gear and hirelings and head west to Oktar’s Town. Balassa the trader tells them there is much going on there.

About a day away from Oktar’s town the party comes across a small clan camped in a place where there is good grass for their herds. The proper greetings and exchanges are made and the party talks to the clan elder. They ask about what Oktar has going in his town. The old man says it is very strange. It seems that Oktar is doing a lot of trade, especially with the Draug. Also he is building a town. The old man doesn’t approve. His people lived in tents and moved around since the time of his grandfathers’ grandfathers.

The party approaches Otkar’s town which indeed has much going on. It is next to River Deena, built atop a tell. It has long been a holy site where the clans gathered to worship the gods, celebrate weddings and funerals, and trade. Otkar is turning it into a hill fort. He has a number of slaves (subjugated steppe tribes, hill men he bought from the Draug and even a few dogmen) building a bridge over the river. Draug river boats and Draug floating logs across the river in great numbers. Several trader boats from up river are pulled up on the beach. Large herds of sheep, goats, cattle and horses are being grazed outside the great mound. Many tents are gathered.

A deep ditch has been dug around the tell. A palisade and towers made of wood ring its edge. A massive wooden temple has been built over the sacred enclosure and another large wood building is being constructed nearby. The are many campfires. The ringing of hammers on anvils, the clunk of axes chopping logs and mallets setting pegs in place fills the air. Nothing like this has been done on the steppe since ancient days. This is something none of the party have ever seen.

  • The party enter the town and try to locate a weaponsmith. Vitallis told them there was a blade smith here who could silver their weapons. They go toward the sound of ringing hammers and ask around when they find an area near the new construction where all manner of metal work is being done.
  • It seems like a protracted negotiation will be necessary when Atticus decides to simply charm the smith so they can get something done. The smith agrees to put aside his other commissions and silver plate the party’s weapons. It will take four days.
  • The party come across a wealthy trader. He is the head of a large caravan of perhaps 200 pack animals and twice as many servants, guards. He even has a wizard among in his entourage.
  • They sell him the treasure they’ve acquired in the mounds.
  • Atticus buys a very expensive slave to act as his personal servant. The man is a eunuch and smells of expensive perfume. Atticus also purchases a fancy tent.
  • Ozric buys several spell scrolls.
  • The party also learns that Oktar has been spending a lot of gold. He has bought many slaves and been buying a lot of lumber. There is some speculation that he looted some large cache of gold from the dogmen who had a large quantity of coin with the head of Empress Zeleska on it.
  • Dufin purchases some chain armor
  • Cullen buys a pristine goat and takes it to the temple where it will be sacrificed and the meat used to feed the caretakers of the temple.
  • Ozric goes to the temple to observe what is happening there. He sees there are three main dieties being worshiped. Habor: God of war. The idol held a massive axe with a head made of amber. Elema – Hazud’s twin sister and a goddess who inspires with divine madness, Particularly beloved of dancers Salmak: God of tricks and disasters. Not worshiped as much as he is placated through sacrificial offerings. Large quantities of offerings and decorations in the form of gold, jewelry and art objects were piled around the idols. A large priest in a white linen tunic and bare legs was killing a goat with a great axe to the head.
  • The party spend four days in Oktar’s Town. Atticus spends that time buying drinks for Draug warriors and convinces four of them to join the group as mercenary soldiers. They are expensive at 3 times the going rate but come equipped, skilled and are very strong warriors. The party collect their silver plated weapons and head back to the mounds to open the sarcophagus of the Midnight King.

The party heads across the steppe to the southwest toward the midnight king’s mound. Along the way they meet some birdmen. The birdmen attempt to trade with the party but the party have an intense dislike for birdmen. Several party members had been maimed when the flying folk had robbed them in previous encounters.

The party immediately attacked with bows and quickly took them down. One of the birdmen does get through with a throw from his javelin. He wounds and nearly kills Ozric who is casting a spell.

Another group of birdmen was seen tracking the party a few days later but didn’t come close enough for a fight.

  • The party sets up camp near the mounds and formulate a plan to take on the midnight king.
  • The best fighters surround the sarcophagus. One of the henchman and two of the draug stay outside with bows and arrows with silver plated arrow heads.
  • They break the seals and pop the lid. The Midnight King is released.
  • Atticus tries to turn it. The undead monster laughs at the attempt.
  • The warriors chop at the undead creature. Cullen takes a hit and losses a point of constitution.
  • There is some back and forth but the party takes down the monster without much damage.
  • There is a collection of gold bullion, and a wand made of iron and bronze in a stone box. Ozric inspects the wand and determines it is a wand of trap and secret door detection which may come in handy when they explore Zeleska’s Hypogeum.

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