Game Report: Dragon’s Bend Session 10

Dufin, Atticus, Ozric their four draug mercenaries, their henchman and laborers set out from the burial mound of the Night King to find Farhat the dogman wizard. Arpad the frogman ascetic told them that he would be able to tune the music of the redstone in Cullen’s sword.

  • Party avoids a hunting ankheg
  • As they camp a group of Aglent’s hunters approach on horseback. Their bows are strung and knocked.
  • Aglent’s hunters want to know if the PCs are sworn to Oktar and what they are doing out here. The PCs say they are sworn to no one and they are on their way to see Farhat the dogman.
  • Aglent’s men relax and say the dogman has been driven from his warren east of Zeleska’s Hypogeum. Monsters that have emerged from the dungeon have driven him out.
  • The party thanks the hunters for the information and they leave.
  • The party alters course in the morning and travel most of the day. They find a ragged looking camp of mostly pups and females. There are some herders with sheep and horses and a few tents.
  • The party meets Farhat. He is a somewhat older dogman. He seems easily winded and has a hard time breathing.
  • He tells them that his warren was invaded by little humanoid monsters. They look like pale skinned, hairless humans with fanged teeth about a foot and half tall. They eat any flesh they can get and attack as a pack.
  • They ask about getting the sword tuned. Farhat says that Oktar stole all of his apparatus when he led the steppe men against the dog folk that Farhat had gathered. They were going to enter the hypogeum and take it back for the glory of empress Zaleska who they worship.
  • Farhat said that the most important piece Oktar had taken was a tuning fork Farhat had found when he and Vitallis were investigating the ruins together. Farhat mentions that he had been apprentice to Vitallis. Atticus notes this and seems curious about this relationship.
  • Farhat says he will draw a map of the upper works and the first few levels. He will give the party notes about what he knows of the Hypogeum if they clear out the warren.
  • The party agrees.

The party travels to the warren and set a trap.

  • The have their laborers dig a pit.
  • The party kill some sheep they bought from the dogmen and use the skins to cover the pit and camouflaged it.
  • They spread the chunks of meat out over the pit and Ozric adulterates it with some paralytic poison he bought from Arpad the glurm.
  • The party hides in bow range, down wind.
  • The little monsters eventually show up and catch the scent of the meat. There is about 100 of the little monsters. They move as a pack and make sound like a herd of angry racoons.
  • They take the bait. Only 20 fall into the trap. The party start shooting.
  • The monsters are confused for a moment as arrows come out of the dark but soon determine their source. They charge. The party continue to fire until the monsters close in.
  • The beasts swarm the party. They are easily slain but there are many of them.
  • The corpses pile up. The little creatures leap and crawl over their fallen fellows to continue the fight.
  • One of the draug warriors goes down. His attackers do not relent and feed on his corpse even as the battle continues.
  • The old steppe warrior who has served as a henchmen for several of their forays into the mounds goes down and is devoured.
  • The battle continues and the party finally prevails. Atticus is weary and close to being overwhelmed by the time the battle ends.

The party go to the warrens as the draug and the laborers see to the fallen.

  • The warren once held a much larger group than the numbers Farhat have with him now.
  • There are bones of sheep, horses, marmots, antelope, and dogmen in the open space around warren.
  • There are four large connected chambers dug into a ridgeline in the valley of a small stream.
  • The chambers have been ransacked and anything useful destroyed.
  • Atticus uses his ability to find objects to see if there is gold. He locates a buried cache but the party decides to leave it alone.
  • The party locates another dug out cave. This is the dogmen’s temple. There is a large stone sculpture of the Empress Zeleska in the center of it. Ozric had cast detect magic and notes the idol has a magic aura.

The party return to Farhat’s camp and rest for several days. They travel together to the warren.

  • Ozric spends the time learning the dogman language and making friends with the pups.
  • Farhat tells the party what he knows about the Hypogeum, Zeleska and draws a map for them.
  • The party recover from their battle, pack up and head to the ruins.

The party come to the ruins. There is an area square in shape that had been walled off. The walls are tumbled down and crumbling in most places. They stood 80′ tall and perhaps 100′ thick at one time. A massive building of stone stood at it’s center at one time. It looks like it had been blown apart long ago. This was the great temple where the ancients made symphonic sorcery. The old stories say Zeleska’s empire conquered and she built an underground fortress beneath it’s foundations.

Strange and terrible monsters emerge from its depths and no one knows why or where they come from.

The party brought their wagon and hirelings through the ancient gates and found a stable building near the walls to take refuge in.

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