Dragon’s Bend Game Report 12

My notes were a little sparse and my memory foggy since this session was a week and half ago. This one will be short and is probably not complete or 100% correct. I’m working overtime at the day job this week and don’t have much writing time.

Atticus, Cullen, and Ozrick accompanied by 2 draug warriors, Clancy the body slave, and Sam the birdman

  • The party returns to the hypogeum via the northwest entrance.
  • They explore a few side paths they didn’t take in their previous trip.
  • There is evidence of a secret door that had been used by the giant shadow bear thing.
  • The party finds the secret door and follows it to a side path. 10′ down the passage there is a pile of armor and a sword rusted nearly to powder. The party avoids it and explores onward.
  • They come to a chamber with a statue of Empress Zeleska in the aspect of a warrior. She is wearing elaborate armor, in her right hand is a khopesh and in her left a severed head. The head is dripping blood and there is a pool of it at her feet. The walls of the room have relief carvings showing prisoners being gathered, tortured, and beheaded.
  • The party inspects the statue and determine the blood dripping from the severed head is an illusion. There is a door beyond and they follow it.
  • They follow a short passage to a room that has a large circle glowing white on the floor. It pulses slowly. As the party approach it, the pulsing of the light and its intensity increases. They back away.
  • The party does some more exploring and come back.
  • One of the party members enters the room. There is a flash of light and two warriors in plate armor with swords appear. They move in a somewhat unnatural way. The party fights them and finds they are quite powerful. The party runs.
  • They get split up. Cullen runs one way and the rest of the party runs another. One of the warriors chases Cullen the other chases the rest of the party.
  • Cullen is able to keep ahead of the creature. The rest of the party defeats their warrior. It drops into a pile of rust.
  • The party retreats back to their hide out in the ruins.

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