Dragon’s Bend Game Report 13

The party began at their camp in the ruins of Zelesaka’s fortress. Cullen was sent out to hunt and Ozric stayed in the camp with Clancy, Atticus’ body slave. Dufin and Atticus led the hirelings back to the hypogeum.

  • Atticus guessed that Sam’s ability to dispel magic might deactivate the glowing teleport pads thus allowing the party to avoid being attacked by the animated armored warriors, they put the idea to the test.
  • It worked! The glowing tiles that had teleported the guardians stopped glowing.
  • Atticus had the diggers bash tiles with pick axes and crowbars. They were able to break the tiles and prevent further problems.
  • The party came into an area with several doors. Some of them locked and bolted on the outside. A few rooms were open and they were the same. 10×10 cells with very little in them.
  • While fiddling with one door, the party heard rattling and scratching at the door. They decided to avoid it.
  • One closed door had no sound beyond it. They tried that one.
  • This door had a bit of a longer hall behind it. As they walked into the passage, they noticed that everything was silent. When they turned the corner, a skeleton attacked them.
  • The party defeated the monster but it was not easy. Atticus had to switch out with one of the draug warriors. Sam regurgitated…something… and applied the mess to the areas that Atticus had been struck by the monster. He felt a little better but smelled worse.
  • The undead creature took a lot of abuse before it was finally destroyed. When it fell into a pile of bones, the silence effect stopped.
  • The party decided to avoid the other shut doors and proceeded around a corner to see what was beyond.
  • Here was another door but this one didn’t have a bar on the outside the way others did. Also, there was another of the glowing teleport pads.
  • The party decided to go back to camp and rest for a few days. Cullen’s hunting wasn’t going well and they were nearly out of food. The party traveled to dogman camp a half day away.
  • After resting and recovery, the party returned to ruins and the new door they discovered.
  • Sam dispelled the magic on the teleport pad, the laborers smashed the tiles.
  • The party had to break down the door. It was locked on the inside.
  • The room was a torture chamber. With the usual accompaniments. There was an unanimated skeleton wearing a bracelet that detected as magic with some keys on the floor nearby.
  • A search produced a heavy metal box. Inside the box was a collection of gold teeth, a number of rings, necklaces and other jewelry and another wood box that was heavily constructed.
  • Inside the wood box was a ceramic bottle glazed in black with magic sigils and a silver cap.
  • The party returned to camp, packed up and headed for Vitallis mansion.
  • The party saw a small group of birdmen and tried to get them to come fight but the birdmen weren’t interested.
  • A group of Aglent’s warriors with three extra horses and a two women tied up were riding hard. They stopped to talk to the party. They had been on a raid. A few of the warriors recognized the party. The party considered trying to free the women but it would have been ugly. There were enough warriors that they would not have easily overcome them. They made a trade. The party got the horses and would tell the warriors chasing the raiders the wrong direction to go.
  • A few hours later, some of Otkar’s warriors riding hard showed up. The party gave them the horses and told them what direction Aglent’s warriors went but told them the wrong way.
  • The party arrived at Vitallis’s place and he was eager to see them. He identified a potion they had found as being an invisibility potion. The black ceramic bottle had binding runes and made him uncomfortable, he didn’t want to buy it. The bracelet they found in the torture chamber also had magic that was confounding. He felt that the magic had something to do with the hypogeum and would only be of use there.
  • The party headed to Dragon’s Bend. They happened to arrive when Balassa the merchant was there. He seemed more prosperous than ever. He said that Oktar’s Town was booming and he had been making good money there.
  • The PC’s cashed in their treasure, hired some draug warriors and a pair of hunters.

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