Dragon’s Bend Game Report 15

Atticus and Ozric lead their hirelings into the subterranean maze of Zeleska’s Hypogeum

  • On their way to the dungeon entrance, a vine wraps around Atticus and attempts to strangle him.
  • Anticipating the slimy mound of flesh with several big toothy mouths and its gibbering sonic attack, the party wraps strips of blanket around their heads to cover their ears.
  • Ozric opens the door with his bracelet and the monster is just inside the passage. It makes its noise and the wool head wraps muffle the sound but does not block it.
  • Most of the draug and Atticus are standing confused. The diggers had tied ropes to the party members and begin dragging them back out of range of the voices.
  • There is a confused jumble. And it starts to look like the party is going to be overwhelmed.
  • Ozric manages to resist the monster’s confused gibbering and casts a phantasmal force in the form of a wall of fire. The creature retreats. This gives the rest of the party enough space to recover.
  • The draug and Atticus pursue with missile weapons and use up most of their ammunition. The creature goes out of sight and they have to get in close to finish it.
  • The party search a door beyond what looks like a kitchen. It leads into a storage area. There is a cold room.
  • The party comes upon half a dozen dogman made pack baskets, they have been scavenged for food but most of the gear is left including a few coins. In the room is a teleport pad but it glows a menacing red color, continuously. Their previous experiences with these pads has been that they glow with a white pulse that increases as you get closer. They decide to leave it alone.
  • Trying the door on the opposite side of the banquet hall, the party finds a guard room. There are four enchanted pole arms with the stamp of the empress’s armories on them. This room has a secret door leading into a large chamber.
  • The large chamber has spectacular marble floors, a grand stair leading down into the gloom with banisters also of marble. There is a wide passageway beyond, also with marble. The entire space looks like it has seen many battles over time. There are bones, scorch marks, smashed shields, rusted broken weapons, and blood stains.
  • Down the passage the party can see day light. As they come closer they find a massive stair that leads upward. It appears to be the entrance from the temple. Farhat the dogman said this was a very dangerous area.
  • A major side passage leads into a round room. There is a dais and a grand chair of stone. Close inspection of the chair shows there is a slight pulsing, green glow to the seat of the chair. Atticus decides to sit in it. Six of the animated armored beings teleport into the room, ready to attack.
  • The party runs back toward the secret door that leads to the guard room. They have to run past the stair. As they are running into the chamber, some very large creatures that look like very big dogmen in strange armor and clothes are slowly coming up the stair from below.
  • The diggers and ozric open the door and dash through. The big dogmen see the guardians and figure it would be a good idea for them to run for the door as well. Atticus beats them through and the draug warrior stab the dogman in the face with his glaive.
  • The creature goes down and the party slam the door shut. They can hear the sound of battle for a little bit but it recedes.
  • After thirty minutes, they open the door and look around. They can hear the sounds of wounded creatures whimpering below but no battle. Apparently they have been victorious but with dead and wounded. There are five corpses of these new comer on the stairs.
  • The party returned to the throne room as the draug kept watch over the stairs. It wasn’t long before the watch told them that the dogman like creatures were coming up the stairs.
  • The party formed up, planning on a fight but then more and more of the warriors came, at least a few dozen. Seeing that they were outnumbered by a significant margin, the party made a tactical advance to the rear.
  • On their way back to camp, Atticus tripped over a very large centipede which bit him. The poison was not that powerful, fortunately for Atticus because he was bitten and succumbed to its paralyzing power. He was carried back to the camp where he made a recovery and the rest of the party cleaned their weapons and gear for the next foray into Zelaya’s Hypogeum.

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